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  1. Nicole Lindsay

    Digestive/Diet issue?

    Hi all, I'm very new to being a bunny mum and to these forums so I'll try and keep it short and simple. I had a slight scare with Bruno; my 10-week old Frenchie 2 days ago. In the evening, he started to pant and press his belly to the floor, his whole behavior changed. At first, I thought he...
  2. Lovey116

    Bloating,Gas or something else?

    Hello, So about yesterday I noticed that my 1 year old Himalayan rabbit was acting “off” She is usually gets very excited when I walk in the room. But now she barely cares. Her eyes fallow me across the room but that’s all. I hear her grinding her teeth, probably in discomfort. I can also hear...
  3. LetaRayn

    Gurgling stomach?

    Hello My eight months bunny his stomach keeps gurgling alot, it's not that loudly but loud enough to hear when it's quiet. He doesn't has any other gas symptoms like pain or grinding his teeth or isolated him self. I didn't change anything in his diet in fact I cut all the treats for three...
  4. bri <3

    molting + disgestion problems

    hi everybody! i have a 6 month old rabbit and she is currently shedding. 2 weeks ago, she had an upset stomach and was gassy, it scared the life out of me because she wasn’t eating and drinking from the pain. i gave her pineapple juice + baby gas drops and she was back to normal eating again...
  5. Tonythelop

    Vets closed!! Possible GI stasis??

    Hi everyone! I’m new to this site but could use some insight today. I have a male lop who is 2.5 years old. He has grown very fond of my parents as they give him all his favourite treats and foods! They went out of town yesterday and he is used to hanging with them in their bedroom at night but...
  6. T

    Blockage in my girl..

    Someone please help me out here. My mini lop rabbit hadn't been eating or pooping. Her stomach had a very hard patch, and was making quiet gurgling sounds when I was massaging her tummy. I was concerned and took her to the only vet available, he told me her stomach had a blockage. He gave her a...
  7. P

    Rabbit gave birth last night but is acting odd?

    Edit QuoteReply Alert Hello everyone. My bunny gave birth last night to a still born. There was no complications she nested and this time I knew she was expecting so I had prepared her cage and made it extra fluffy. She had plenty of hay and did not rip much hair out this time around (the first...
  8. E

    Uma’s got gas

    Hey guys! The past two or three days Uma’s stomach has been making instense gurgling noises during and after she’s finished eating her veg. I got her some baby gas drops but today it’s pretty bad and when trying to give her a belly massage I could definitely feel gas bubbles in there. I’m doing...
  9. zoe2112

    Rabbit gassy everyday

    Freddie is frequently experiencing gas and I don’t know what’s causing it. He is constantly eating hay and continues to pass faeces but his stomach makes popping sounds and is firm and tender to the touch. He was treated for GI stasis in Feb and was admitted earlier this month with gas. He’s had...