Rabbit gave birth last night but is acting odd?

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princess izzy

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Jan 29, 2019
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Los angeles
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Hello everyone. My bunny gave birth last night to a still born. There was no complications she nested and this time I knew she was expecting so I had prepared her cage and made it extra fluffy. She had plenty of hay and did not rip much hair out this time around (the first time she went crazy and didn’t really know what was happening I suppose). Anyhow, this time around she started eating a few hours after she’s been active from time to time playing with her toys however I hear gurgling noises coming from her tummy. As soon as I did I started giving some baby gas drops. She seems to just be laying stretched out however is still eating. She doesn’t want me feeling her stomach but will gladly lay on me and give me kisses.Is this normal behavior after giving birth? Last time she gave birth the vet told me she had gas and to give her the baby drops and she should be fine but I just wanted to hear feedback from you guys. As of the typing of this message she is munching on some more cilantro and kale.


Jenny - Health & Wellness Mod
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Sep 10, 2012
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If that's what your vet said, that's what I would do. If she does have gas then the gas drops will often help. But if she starts acting unwell then I would contact your vet or take her in. It's also possible that she could have more babies, though they may not be born alive either. Female rabbits have two uterine horns and can have babies in both of them, so sometimes they may have some babies earlier, then a little later have the rest. So just make sure she still has her nest in there with her in case more babies are on the way. And keep a close eye on her.

Clara W

Jan 10, 2019
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Ottawa, On, CANADA
My rabbit gave birth and her tummy gurgles also! She gave birth five days ago. I think it's a natural part of the birthing process, it happened last time she gave birth too. A few hours after she gave birth the gurgling was really loud, but it's completely subsided now. I'd just give her some time - her insides are probably re-adjusting. Although I am no professional, somebody else could have much better advice.

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