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  1. mollyisthecoolest

    Can rabbits get overweight from too much hay?

    My 10 month old out door rabbit has put on a noticeable amount of weight since the summer. My family say he looks bigger and his double chin has also gotten bigger. I’m not sure why and i’m trying to work out what i should be reducing safely. I’ve increased his pellets to 1/3 cup a day and i’ve...
  2. mollyisthecoolest

    how much should i be feeding my rabbit in winter?

    i have a 8 month old male rabbit called Glen. i usually feed him 1/4 of pellets a day, 2 large handfuls of lettuce (1 handful in the morning and 1 in the evening), a couple slices of pepper or cucumber or carrot and he has fresh hay on hand all the time. Since its becoming colder and he is an...
  3. mollyisthecoolest

    Advice on my rabbit’s diet please!!

    Hi, i’m a fairly new rabbit owner and has had my 5 and a half month old rabbit for over a month now So far, i feed him a handful of lettuce and 3 slices of pepper or cucumber or carrot twice a day for breakfast and dinner. He also has pellets and hay on offer for him 24/7 I thought that maybe...
  4. KayDai

    Would my bunny be able to eat this as a snack?

    BACKGROUND INFO: Alright there is this brand of fruit rolls named Joray and they are pretty good, I never would give my rabbit "human food" besides veggies, fruits, etc you know stuff that's ok for bunnies. I never have really wanted to give my bun human food because well I would never want her...
  5. G

    What do i feed my 2 month old bunny?

    He has unlimited hay. The only thing I need to ask about are pellets and veggies. How much pellets should i give him per day? Do i only feed him once? Should i wait until 5 months for veggies? What kind?
  6. Rambobunny

    Transitioning to adult diet

    I was wondering when to start transitioning my bun to adult pellets? He’s nearly 5 months old and still on burgess excel junior pellets. I have the adult pellets ready to go to start the transition which apparently they can eat from 4 months old. Any help would be much appreciated :)
  7. H

    what pellets do you recommend?

    hi, my mini lion lop has almost finished the bag of harringtons optimum pelletes and i was wondering what is the best and healthiest pellets to get her next? i didnt find that she got on with those very well so i am looking for something that is good for her. does anyone have any recommendations?
  8. sabrina92

    Not eating enough

    Hello everybun! My bunny Cleopatra recently stopped eating her hay. She has a few bites here and there but she used to eat a lot and now I am concerned. She is still eating the oxbow young rabbits pellets but not the hay. I gave her the oxbow alfalfa hay and then got her oxbow western Timothy...
  9. M

    favorite treats?

    What are your rabbits favorite treats?! Would like to give mine some new things!
  10. BB03

    Is small pet select worth it?

    I have two rabbits one which is a 5 pound dutch, and the other a 10 pound new Zealand. I've been trying to find ways to save money on hay, pellets, and litter. I spend about 15 dollars a week on hay for a 5 pound bag, the sad thing is most of it gets wasted and I feel like I could spread it to...
  11. SirLawrence

    Oxbow v. Vitakraft

    I've had my boys for a while now, and have made all of the new rabbit-dad mistakes. That being said, they used to be on Vitakraft Vita Prima adult rabbit food, but they've recently switched to Oxbow Garden Select Adult. They used to go CRAZY for the Vitakraft, but not so much for the Oxbow. I...
  12. Lemony4

    Are the ingredients in this subscription box treat safe...

    I got my bun one of those bunny subscription treat/toy boxes for Christmas and these are the ingredients of one of treat bags: Pumpkin, ground oats, barley, potatoes, apple pomace, sunflower oil, molasses, cinnamon, vanilla, natural flavor I've never heard of potatoes being ok for rabbits...
  13. Th3RabbitP3rson

    rabbit gas?

    my rabbit has been laying in a hunched position more often and he has been grinding his teeth. he’s currently sleeping in a flop so that’s actually good. anyways he’s had a sensitive stomach since i got him. ever since i’ve gotten him he has had gurgling noises from his stomach. i’ve had him for...
  14. K

    Are these snacks actually good for buns?!

    I started giving my bun these about a month ago but had someone tell me that he shouldn’t be having them, but I cant trust the opinion of just one person. The internet gives me mixed thoughts, what do you guys think? He’s a Netherland Dwarf 5/6 months
  15. trisho

    !HELP! bunnies no longer want hay

    Hi all! So one day, while I was out for the evening, my bunnies had managed to hop up to the top of their cage, where I had their food (treats, pellets, hay) stored and helped themselves to the pellets. It’s totally my fault for storing the food somewhere accessible to them but I didn’t...
  16. C

    Freezing Food?

    So I’ve read something the other day about freezing rabbit food and bedding in prevention of living mites/ insects. Has anyone done this or recommend this? If so, for how long? *I’m not having a mite issue or see signs of my rabbit scratching, I’m just wondering if it’s beneficial Thank you!
  17. C

    Hay Brand

    Has anyone ever ordered from Small Pet Select? I was considering their Timothy hay since I hear such good reviews. I’m currently using oxbow but it’s usually a hit or miss with their quality (with the hay I’m receiving at least) Rabbit Products
  18. P

    Baby bunnies, need advice?

    I just got two baby bunnies and I thought they were older when I bought them but they are actually a little over 4 weeks old. I know this is too young but the guy I bought them from told me they were eating pellets and didn’t need milk anymore and I trusted him. Will they be okay on pellets and...
  19. JVL

    Type of hay for Rabbits

    I had read very clearly they should be eating Timothy hay from Oxbow, which they ate okay, but my Lionhead mix (snowball)didn't eat it as much as the Lop(thelma). I switched to a Timothy meadow hay from Oxbow and they both eat it like crazy. I know Alfalfa is a no, but is this kind good...
  20. Alice the Rabbit

    How many times per day should i feed baby rabbit?

    I adopted a bunny three weeks ago, so i am still new to this. She is 8weeks old now, almost 9weeks. My mom said i feed her too much food and she'll be overweight. I give her unlimited pellets, hay and unlimited water. How many times should i feed her pellets per day? Sometimes i give her vegies...