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  1. K

    Cost effective food links

    Someone shared this food comparison website with me ( ) and I am trying to price compare, but some of the websites only have ingredient information without a price. Does anyone know some cheap food pellets that are healthiest for a...
  2. Tiffany Davis

    my rabbit won't eat her pellets (spoiled rabbit)

    after giving my bunny a treat each day for a week she stopped eating her pellets now i realized the problem shes spoiled i decided not to give her treats anymore but it hasn't worked it's been 5 days since i stopped the treats and all she eats is hay and veggies she will not touch the pellets...
  3. Lois south

    Can rabbits eat callaloo?

    Hi Guys My neighbours, family friends and my parents have been giving me lots of callaloo also known as amaranth, that they have grown. I am up to my neck in it. Has anyone ever fed callaloo to their bunny before because I know that I can't finish it all on my own. Thanks
  4. Gelly

    Turnip Greens?

    I’ve seen mixed opinions on different websites regarding the safety of turnip greens. My mini Rex is about 4 months old. Curious to hear all your thoughts.
  5. Lois south

    Rabbit diet help!

    Hi guys I have no idea if I'm feeding my rabbit correctly. I have read a lot online and sometimes sources don't agree. I went to my vet and they literally said they know nothing about rabbit nutrition (they are incredibly trash and I'm currently looking for a new vet). He is 4 month old mini lop...
  6. Redrabbit

    Too fat or too thin?

    We have two rabbits who are currently living separately but we’re about to (attempt to) bond them. I’m worried that our rex is slightly overweight and our lop is slightly under... are they going to fight over food? Is the lop going to be constantly hungry? I guess the real question is are my...
  7. T

    My bunnys behaviour..

    Hey can anybody please give me some tips? I have a mini lop bunny, he's maybe a few months old now. I use to have a female minilop and she was the nicest bunny, was fine with her relatively small hutch as she got heaps of run around time. Always cuddly, playful and never ever bit or scratched...
  8. T

    Is this food okay?

    I went to this family owned pet shop across the road from me which is usually really good, cheap prices and good quality. But today I went over there to buy some rabbit food, I was in a rush because they were closing when I got there. I grabbed this food and when I got home I noticed there was...
  9. Gelly

    Small Pet Select Hay

    Anyone have opinions on small pet select 2nd cut timothy hay?
  10. Gelly

    Is this Timothy Hay good (photo attached)?

    I'm a new rabbit owner and I wanted to be economical and buy hay by the bale. I bought one from a feed store about a half an hour away from me. It was $20 for a 40 lb. bale. It doesn't look or smell as nice as the Kaytee timothy hay I had originally purchased for my bun. Can anyone tell me if...
  11. L

    Bonding Rabbits With Two Different Eating Habits

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of bonding two female rabbits. I've noticed that one of them, the more dominant one, eats a lot quicker than the other one does. This leads to her trying to steal the other bunny's food after she finishes hers. I'm not sure how I will be able to house...
  12. J

    Wild bunny garden! Suggestions and examples

    I'm moving into my first actual home (instead of an apartment) within a month. I would like to dedicate the side yard specifically to a wild bunny garden. I want to plant grasses and foods for them and plan to create a pond area (small shallow kids pool with a fountain probably) for water. Any...
  13. bri <3

    molting + disgestion problems

    hi everybody! i have a 6 month old rabbit and she is currently shedding. 2 weeks ago, she had an upset stomach and was gassy, it scared the life out of me because she wasn’t eating and drinking from the pain. i gave her pineapple juice + baby gas drops and she was back to normal eating again...
  14. A

    How soon can I give my bunny vegtables? and how much should I

    Hi all! My bunny is 10 weeks old and I gave him a small amount of green leaf lettuce today, his first introduction to vegetables. I am going to keep an eye on his litter box to make sure it does not upset his stomach. Am I introducing him to vegetables too soon? Up until now he has had...
  15. King George

    Herbs for Bunny Kings!

    I am King George's cook, new to my job, and scared of poisoning my sovereign bunny! In the palace kitchen garden we have many herbs and I was wondering which are safe to feed my King ~ or perhaps it is easier to say which are harmful?! Anyway I would not wish to make King George ill for, if I...
  16. Jacob Goldis

    Can my bun have these pellets?

    Hello! I was looking at a local farm's rabbit pellets which they sell for cheaper than store-bought pellets, and was looking to get a second opinion from other fellow rabbit owners! I have been feeding Snowflake the Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food for practically years now and was wondering...
  17. Miffythebun

    Is my rabbits diet okay?

    hello all I’ve researched a lot into rabbit diets and what greens they should be getting but I still don’t know if what I am giving him is right.. Wookiee is a lionhead/Rex and he gets fed twice a day- once in the morning and again before bed. Each time he gets a handful of nature’s touch hay...
  18. Helen Thomas

    How much pellets should my rabbit be getting?

    I have a 3 1/2 year old mini lop (Ramsey). I feed him the standard mixture of hay, leafy greens & pellets, however I am confused by the amount of pellets I should be giving him. Currently he is being fed Burgess Excel Nature's Blend pellets, the back of the packet recommends feeding a 2-2.3 kg...
  19. Tinto

    Some recent observations

    It's such a mysterious little creation! I wish I could understand my bunny... I feed him, clean his litter box, at times he seems feeling comfortable with me, but still when I come home, at first he looks anxious or kicks the ground as if being angry. Or, after we play in the morning with all...
  20. CloverInTheField

    How’s many pellets should I feed my 10-11 week old rabbit?

    I have been feeding my 10-11 week lion head 1/4 of a cup a day since I’ve got her. I give it to her in the morning everyday. She has unlimited hay and water, the only thing restricted is her pellets as I heard unlimited pellets could cause problems later. Is this a good amount? Should I be...