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  1. Flicker_thefo0x

    How well would I do in a show?

    This is pepper, a 5 month old (I think) black english angora doe. How well would she do In a ARBA show? (I know she is rather young still, but I want to know if it is worth showing her or not?)
  2. WingNut

    Unknown Cause Of Pregnancy Death

    TW:// DEATH, MENTIONS OF BLOOD, SEIZURE Hi, this is a really dark post. I understand this isn’t a professional vet group, but I’m hoping to talk to someone who is either in contact with a vet or has been through similar experiences to shed some light. My Holland lop rabbit, Chesnutt (Chessy)...
  3. L

    Doe Pulling Fur 11 Days Early

    We have a doe who is 20 days into her pregnancy. She started pulling fur like crazy as well as hay stashing. We started thinking it was a false pregnancy since it’s way too early. But all the articles I have read say 16-18 days is the length of false pregnancies and she is day 20. But we still...
  4. Rosy

    What breed is she?

  5. J

    Age females stop conceiving....

    So I ran into an issue last night. I purchased a rabbit from someone who claims they had lots of experience with rabbits and was sure that this rabbit I was purchasing was a female. I already have an unspayed female at home so I was hoping that I could give my Thumper a friend for while I am...
  6. cosmoluna

    Trying to mount, turns into a tornado?

    Hi- so after 2 months of bonding through an X pen, I have been reintroducing my two fixed bunnies after my female was spayed. They went 24 hours together free roaming with no fighting, lots of grooming, cuddling, and binkying, but last night my female started trying to mount my male since she is...
  7. cosmoluna

    bunny digging at other bunny after spay?

    hi all- so yesterday morning my bunny luna got spayed. before this, luna and cosmo (male) would free roam in my room 24/7 together happily with no fighting for around 3 months. just grooming, cuddling, and playing. when luna returned from surgery, she was really cold all over and i had to stay...
  8. S

    Is my Doe Pregnant?

    i recently attempted to breed my 6 month old doe and my 5 month buck. ive seen him fall over multiple times, however im not sure if the deed was actually done. this was about 2-3 weeks ago here is what ive notices so far: shes been a lot nicer to me, usually very timid and mean though they...
  9. PureKlutz

    Meet Lumina the diva bun

    My name is Lumina, and I am a beautiful chocolate English Angora doe. The world was graced with my existence on November 13th, 2014. ✨ I’m a spayed female, not looking for love. As a (widowed) single mama to over a dozen children I’m over the baby-phase. ‍♀️ I’m a retired prize wining show...
  10. Redrabbit

    Marks and possible cut- looks serious

    Hi, We’ve just adopted a Holland lop Dow and there’s a few marks over her which I think were from a rabbit she was previously with. She’s young, I was told she was probably 14 weeks and I’ve just noticed a strange mark around her bottom (there’s two, one on each side of her genitals) She doesn’t...
  11. Kate7654

    Can I move a pregnant doe?

    I have a doe that’s just turned 3. She hasn’t been breed in 7 months. I live in Minnesota and winters are so cold and my rabbits stay in the garage in the winter witch keeps adults warm enough but not young kits. I would like to Breed my doe before winter sets in but, we are switching her into a...
  12. bellathebouncingbun

    False pregnancy advice needed !

    My beautiful baby Bella is now fully matured and she’s had her first (what I think is) false-pregnancy. Was cleaning out the hutch today and noticed a huge wad of her fur in the corner of the ‘hidden room’ in the hutch. It’s the darkest area in the hutch and is sheltered from light and very...
  13. A

    Help, rabbit babies not feeding !!

    June 1 my 5 month old rabbit had seven babies. She had made a nest in her cage, but I read that the nest should be somewhere clean and her cage was dirty so I moved them into a new nest in a clean cage for them. At first she would jump on them, but lately she just lays down near them and kind of...
  14. A

    Mother killer her 4wk old baby!

    Hey there, eversince my doe became pregnant she has been aggressive towards me but never her babies. The babies are now 4 weeks old and when I checked on them this morning the doe has attacked and killed one of them. Any ideas on why this might be? They are all seperated from her now until I...
  15. B0nb0n

    Does still marking territory with pee after being spayed.

    Our almost 2 years old does got spayed over a month ago, they were always marking their territory with pee in their cage free room and on us, our sofa and bed. After they got spayed they stop humping each other and chinning everything. But they are still peeing on our bed :(. Is this normal? We...
  16. H

    Buck stops mounting halfway through breeding.

    So I’m trying to breed my two holland lops and it started well but my buck stops mounting the doe when he has already started going. I’ve checked both of my rabbits ahead of time and they are both in fine health, also the doe’s vulva is dark pink so she should be at the right time to breed...
  17. K

    Help! 5 days kits

    Momma doe had 3 kits one of them is an aggressive eater and looks healthier the other kit he eats for a bit and falls asleep i try putting hin on the doe nip and he won't look for it like at the start of eating but he doesn't have round belly like the sibling & idk if me putting the kits rear...
  18. lilymabel

    First Pregnancy?

    sorry, I’m new here so I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m hoping someone could help me.. I have two rabbits, Lily (mini lop) and Mabel (mini lop / lion head), which are aged 2 (nearly 3) and 8 months old respectfully. I was wondering if 3 years old is too old for her to have her first...
  19. G1rlVeteran

    New here and fairly new to the world of bunnies

    Hi all! We have a mating pair of mini lop eared bunnies and a Flemish Giant/New Zealand mix doe. We got our mini lops the first of the summer around early June and our Flemish Giant/New Zealand doe about 2 months after. Our mini lop buck is named Morty and our doe is Dolly. Our big girl is named...