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  1. S

    Is a Ragdoll Cat a suitable companion for a greiving mini lop?

    Hi all, Unfortunately I lost my baby Wallace over the weekend and I am completely and utterly devastated. His surviving brother Gromit has never been without him, and I'm worried about him being alone. They live in my room with me so he's not outside in a hutch or anything but I can't be with...
  2. Lola56

    Help! Cat attack

    Hi everyone, unfortunately yesterday I had a neighbours cat get in and jumped into the rabbits pen, and jumping out with one of the 6 week old babies. Before any obvious harm was done I was able to frighten the cat to drop the bunny. Yesterday he was in shock, I put him on a hot water bottle in...
  3. pawmaw

    A new from USA

    New here, and wanted to work on pet rescue services. Used to pass time with a pet. I am a vet lover and learn and gain new knowledge from a pet advisors. If anyone has any questions about exercise, please feel free to drop me a note.
  4. A

    Rabbit viruses and my cat

    Hi guys! Sorry I’m posting again, but I do have a different question. I have 4 rabbits. 3 are bonded and live together in a shed and run outside. my fourth bunny lives inside, in a room off of our garage (in an xpen) We have a cat aswell. He lives in our “garage” He is allowed out during the...
  5. J

    New cat- when will bunny stop marking territory?

    I have a 5/6 year old male neutered rabbit, who has previously be in households with cats and loves them. He has never had an accident outside of his litter box, but recently I brought a new kitten home (also neutered makeand he is pooping and peeing everywhere. He is humping the cat also, but...
  6. T

    New cat chases rabbits - how can I stop her?

    I've adopted a new cat. She's about two years old and very playful. But she chases my rabbits (both adult, but small rabbits)and they are terrified and I am obviously not going to let this happen. She clearly considers them prey to play with, even if she wouldn't hurt them (I don't know that she...
  7. Gelly

    Cat toys for rabbits

    I see all these rabbit scratch boards mostly made of cardboard and I'm wondering if those are safe for buns. I could so see my bun having a great time with one but I want to make sure they're safe first.
  8. T

    Cat Litter in Litter Box?

    Hello everyone! I have an idea and wanted to run it by others who are well versed in rabbits. I have three rabbits; two angoras and a french lop. All three are litter trained and for my litter boxes I use several large "under-the-bed" storage containers. There is a shallow layer of horse...
  9. N

    LOTS OF QUESTIONS! Sorry in advance!

    Hello! I just got my first rabbit and I am embarrassed to say that I didn't do much research beforehand. (I have done a lot now!) I have an albino holland lop named Penelope! She is the light of my life. She is so sassy and is not scared of anything (except being picked up). She is about 11weeks...
  10. Popsicles

    Rabbit and kitten

    So I move back and forth between uni and home with my bunny (who is free range). She is really relaxed and not bothered by new environments, or anything really. When I go back to uni in September I will be moving into a different house than before, with new housemates. My new housemate likes the...
  11. T

    She peed on her back feet

    My boyfriends female bunny, Penny, has been lazy all day today. She didn't eat her food this morning, which is very unusal for her. From 4:30-8:30pm she sat in one spot and when she finally moved, I went to check on her. Under her tail, bum, and feet were covered in pee. I cleaned her bum as...