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  1. PeterDussan31

    To get or not to get????

    Hey Bun lovers, So I love cats, and bunnies of course. I have a bun now. But I would like to have a kitty as well. Is that a good idea? How to best introduce one another or bond? At what age would it be best if yes for either of them? They are very similar in some ways so Im curious if its...
  2. K

    My bunny passed and I don’t know how my other bunny will react.

    My bunny, « flutter » just died an hour ago and I’m so ******* guilty. I feel so alone and upset and i’m worried on what to do with my other rabbit, i’ve been crying for so long now and I don’t know how to let my other bunny know she’s dead. Do I even need to? My bunnies are only about 11 weeks...
  3. G

    Pls help with month and a half old bunny care

    Hello I was gifted a new 1 & 1/2 month old bunny. This is my first time taking care of a bunny so I need your help. Listed are the things I do and know about rabbits so please give suggestions or correct anything. I take him to my room everyday to roam around but at night i keep him caged in...
  4. M

    Bunny chewed dewlap off, help please.

    Hello everyone, my bunny Luke is about 17 months old. She usually has a big dewlap. Well last night she pulled out her dewlap and I noticed a patch of skin under her chin, now granted the last time she did this I didn’t look under her chin. I was wondering is this normal or should we be...
  5. bunnypop

    bunny nibbled on twinkie

    my bunny snuck in my brother's room and started eating a twinkie he left on the floor. when i caught him and picked it up it only had a small chunk missing so i assume he only took a couple bites. i think he'll be okay as long as he eats his hay and drinks water, but i just want to make sure
  6. CircesOasis

    Rabbit Has Matted (Urine) Fur on His Butt

    Hello! I have currently been owning my two rabbits, Castor and Pollux, for a year now and I have some concerns about Pollux. He’s a 1 year old Holland Lop, and while grooming him today (I had flipped him over quickly just to make sure no eggs or maggots were down there because I am deathly...
  7. A

    URGENT ADVICE NEEDED Bunny Rehome Help

    Hi guys! I need some advice urgently. I have three buns, all desexed and bonded. 2 females (1yr 6months) and 1 male (2yrs). In my neighbourhood, there’s another mini lop that needs rehoming. The owner has four bunnies, two girls and the two boys, none of which desexed. She’s trying to get rid...
  8. b.tate

    Maintaining clean fur

    Hi there, my bunny keeps on having her poop sticking to her fur near her bum area, I do clean it off but build up occurs quite quickly. Any advice for helping her? She is a half dwarf half Angora bunny so she does have a lot of fur and is very soft, she maintains herself well other than in this...
  9. bunnypop

    my bunny has a gurgly tummy?

    whenever i listen to my bun's belly i can hear the soft gurgling, but today it was louder than usual. i could hear it when i was close to him, but not from a distance or anything even in a quiet room. he's still had an appetite for his hay and has been drinking his water, but i wanted to make...
  10. M

    Whining noises during sleep

    Hi everyone! My little 6 year old netherland dwarf boy Onyx has been making some funny noises during his sleep. He is behaving 100% normally otherwise, if not the happiest he has been! We just moved house and he is free range and has the largest area so far to run around in and loves it. He...
  11. Hopsicles

    Help - Has my bunny been neutered?

    I adopted my netherland dwarf bunny a month ago from his former owner who is not able to take care of him anymore. His former owner told me that she is certain that the bunny is neutered, however, I just found out that he may still have his testicles. Nevertheless, his behaviour is not hormonal...
  12. K

    Any advice/help would be appreciated

    My young bunny has managed to get hold of my gel bead eye mask that I wear to bed. He's chewed it and although he's only chewed a tiny hole I'm scared he might of swallowed some of the beads. If he has do you think I should be extremely worried?
  13. X

    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    So a little background info, my bun is a 12 week old free roam lionhead (not sure if shes a mini or regular) and shes really good with using her litter box in the daytime, her daytime poops also look normal. She does eat her cecotropes but sometimes she might leave one or two in the litter box...
  14. tokkibada

    Thoughts on getting a second bunny in a small nyc apartment?

    Hi guys! I currently have a 4 month old holland lop (his name is cal) who's reaching his teen years. I'm going to get him fixed at the vet in a few months and in the meantime I thought about possibly getting him a friend thats around the same size as him (2-3lbs). Although one issue I have is...
  15. B

    My Netherland Dwarf bunny refuses to let me pick her up

    Just a few days ago, I bought myself a 2 & a half month old netherland dwarf (female). She was held for a few hours the first day while taking her home and setting up her cage.. as well as by her original owners quite often. Ever since we placed her in her cage, she has refused to let us pet or...
  16. Haru the Lionhead


    Guys help me! I woke up an hour ago and my bunny was sitting and when she saw me she fixed her position but she didn’t come to me. I left her thinking maybe she wants to sleep. After that I took her to my room, every time i move her cage she always gets excited and jumps around because she knows...
  17. ashi_may

    A Relationship Gone Sour?

    Hello! Last September I rescued two young male rabbits, Binky a rex rabbit, and George a orange lion head (I’ve attached a picture of them cuddling together!) Upon adopting them I was told they had been bought for a young girl who had watched her old rabbit die, but she found having the two...
  18. M

    What breed is my rabbit?

    Hello, i recently rescued my first rabbit a couple months ago and am confused at what breed he is. Hes a small- medium rabbit weighing just over 3 pounds. Any ideas would be amazing. Thank you guys :)
  19. B

    Hardwood Floors

    My bunny absolutely hates hardwood floors and I’ve tried her on them a few times but she freaks out and slides around terrified. I have payed blankets down but they are such a pain as they never stay put. I used to have a carpet but she would eat it so I had to take it out. I was thinking carpet...
  20. xbject

    Can I feed grass instead of hay?

    I have a 5 year old rabbit who doesn’t eat hay, she only eats hay cubes. It’s not enough though. We took her to the vet today and the vet said it seems like she’s beginning to develop GI stasis. I know this can kill bunnies which is why I want to know if grass is a good substitute for hay. I’ve...