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  1. T

    Newly bonded rabbits excessively humping

    Hi, mid august I adopted a beautiful new lion Holland cross to bond with my Holland lop. she had only just been fixed so I had to wait until 24th August before starting the bonding process but started the scent swapping etc during that time. Fast forward to last Saturday (11th September)...
  2. D

    Bonding Struggles :(

    My mother and I have been struggling to find the right way to bond our two female bunnies. One is nearly a year old (Bella, grey lop) and the other is going to be a year in November (Phoebe, lionhead). Both are neutered Phoebe is definitely the submissive of the two. Bella has never once groomed...
  3. Magpie689

    Bonding difficult rabbits

    Hello again, So things aren't working out with Primrose. She's yet to be spayed, but Peanut and Steve both have taken turns pulling her fur when she's out for exercise. Then this morning, Boo (my most submissive rabbit) actually grabbed Primrose through the bars and the two of them were rolling...
  4. C97A1A9D-DBA5-4996-940B-3A5FF555A3C1.jpeg


    hey guys i need some help with a bonding process. i have two males (both neutered and all healed) and i had them meet in neutral area today. it went great and they were grooming eachother and cuddling. i moved them to their intended living space and as soon as i did, they circled and fought. :(
  5. Breemarie77

    Bunny bonding behavior change

    Hello! I recently adopted a 3yo fixed female and I have a 1yo unfixed male. He’s getting fixed but it’s not until January. I have their cages in the same room, and I’m actually thinking about separating them now as he has started spraying and not eating as much because he can’t stop thinking...
  6. EclipseTheLionhead

    Bonding With Your Bunny For The First Time: Tips and Tricks

    Hi there! So my little bunny got home for the first time Saturday. I've been leaving her alone in her cage, just making sure she has fresh food, water and hay everyday just until her 48 hour adjustment period is up. She has really came out of her shell already and is running around, living life...
  7. A


    Hi guys!! So at the moment I am trying to bond my three mini-lops; a male 1y 1m and two girls 7m. All are neutered. They are all outside rabbits. Our male we got first, we got him desexed at 6m and then bought a huge shed and run as we intended to adopt a girl bunny that was at our local rspca...
  8. M

    Please Help - Bonding Rabbits

    I have a 7 year old mini lop male named Hopkins that has been neutered (white/calico). My fiancé and I have had him for many years and felt he would love to have a friend, so we adopted Fiona from a local shelter in mid March (brown bunny). She has been spayed and we believe she is a mini lop as...
  9. B

    Wits End

    Hello Everybun, for quite a while I have been using the site for help, suggestions and advice, which has helped until now. I've decided to join because I am at my wits end. I've had a number of bunnies over the years but this beast is testing my patience. Bosley is large French lop buck with a...
  10. Binkylife

    Neutered Rabbit still sprays 😱

    I adopted an older rabbit that still sprays. Is there anything I can do about this? It feels like territory war with my very dominant female mini Rex. Help! Some background: I adopted a male mini Rex rabbit who is 2.5 years old. His name is Pip, I joked that he was probably named that because...
  11. Hoolia

    Rabbits Ignoring Each Other

    I recently rescued an older bunny (Pup, 6y) to bond with my very old blind boy (Jackson, 9) who lost both his mates last year. Since my old man isn’t aggressive or territorial in the slightest, bonding him has never been hard. The new bunny I have found isn’t territorial either so I’ve been...
  12. B

    Help with bunny bonding please!

    Hi all, I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some advice. My husband and I have a 2 year old female bun who was spayed in October (3 months ago). She has always been a slightly difficult bunny, we are not able to hold her as she is completely terrified (we tried when she was young...
  13. A

    Help needed.. bonding two male bunnies

    Hello! I have two male bunnies. Angel is 2 years and spayed, and Teddy was spayed over two months ago. Teddy's age is around 7 months, but I am not sure because we had to rescue him from a bad home... While teddy was still a baby they were living together in the same cage. And yes, I am aware...
  14. B

    What to do for surface wounds from fight with another rabbit?

    I recently adopted a young unneutered rabbit to bond with my neutered rabbit (he is booked to be neutered in a few days). I wanted to start bonding them right away, so I did a few weeks of prebonding and they are now living happily in two separate cages next to each other. For the last week or...
  15. Bella-Sophia

    Bonding Mishap PLEASE HELP

    Hello friends, I am writing to ask for advice on whether I should try to bond my bunnies after they had a big fight?? Background: my lop (Bella) has been with me since Dec 22. 2018. I bought her from a store. She was about 8 weeks old they said older because she was the last one in the shop...
  16. cosmoluna

    Trying to mount, turns into a tornado?

    Hi- so after 2 months of bonding through an X pen, I have been reintroducing my two fixed bunnies after my female was spayed. They went 24 hours together free roaming with no fighting, lots of grooming, cuddling, and binkying, but last night my female started trying to mount my male since she is...
  17. hxkev

    Need some bonding advice

    We are planning to build a little space for my 2 buns (both neutered)in the next couple of weeks, so I am trying to bond them as fast as possible (I know it takes time and I dont want to rush it either). We started with stress bonding, we put them in a box, shook them, went around the house with...
  18. S

    3rd Bunny Intro

    Hello everyone After a bit of advice. I had a bonded pair Suki and Milo. They are 1.5 years old and mini lops, both are neutered/spayed and been bonded for around 11 months. They got on like a house on fire and we decided to introduce a 3rd bunny Lupin. He is currently not neutered and around 6...
  19. A

    Love or hate? Opinions needed!

    Hello guys! I have a bit of a strange situation with my bunnies, and I'm hoping someone here can have some enlightening opinions. I have two bunnies. Angel is two years and been spayed for 1.5 year. Teddy is approximately 6 months and also spayed two weeks ago. We rescued Teddy 3 months ago...