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  1. Pepper

    The Three Musketeers

    Very cute and loveable rabbits. I think rabbits are good pets
  2. Pepper

    Whats The Best Gender?

    I never had a female bunny before,so I can'tcompare a female with a male on which one is more friendly.I have amale bunny name Dusty and he is a good bunny he is almost 2 yearsold.We had a male bunny before Dusty that died and that bunny was alsoa good bunny.
  3. Pepper

    You could vote for Dusty from here. Dusty, MI Vote forme!
  4. Pepper

    Vote For The Bunny!

    I have my Dusty in this month of September andtheir were other bunnies this month,so there's more bunnies to vote onand all of them are so cute.There all winners in my book.:D
  5. Pepper

    bunnydude wrote: Thank-you for your vote.:D
  6. Pepper

    I put my rabbit Dusty on the petboro pet photocontest. I usedthe avatar as the picture of Dusty for thecontest. I hope people will vote for him. His picture will beonthere for the month of September.In October Petboro willannounce the winner.
  7. Pepper

    My friend's rabbit Eron died on Mother's Day.

    My friend Pam lost her rabbit Eron yesterday onMother's Day.She called and told me on the phone that he died. Shefeels bad and sodo I. I was at her house on Friday and herrabbit seemed fine.She told me it was real fast when he died,shenoticed on Saturday that he wasn't going to the bathroom and...
  8. Pepper

    Sad News

    I'm so sorry about your loss,I know how youfeel.Our rabbit Pepper passed away in December.Pepper wasn'teating,drinking and not going to the bathroom and he passed away thenext day after that happened,so it was fast.Didn't get a chance togethim to a vet and we felt real bad.Here is a picture...
  9. Pepper

    new bad habbit

    My rabbit Dusty also chews at the carpet and so did my rabbit Pepper,who had died in December. It's there nature to chew.
  10. Pepper

    this is just nasty

    Vivi wrote: We have a male rabbit,who humps myhusband.
  11. Pepper

    My little girl's gone....

    That is so sad.I'm sorry to hear about your loss.Such a young age to go. :(
  12. Pepper

    Christmas Rainbow Bridge

    Merry Christmas to you Pepper! We love &missyou.
  13. Pepper

    Happy Holidays To All!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  14. Pepper

    New rabbit

    Pepper wrote: hi everybody, I'm other 1/2, one big ? is why thisbunny (Dusty) like to thump and put a paw in my hands with some noicehe makes and some time thow a fit, but a Pepper we had before, He liketo play and bunny kiss a lot as long as hour, he is very sweet and sometime he can't get...
  15. Pepper

    Understanding Angry Rabbits with Attitude

    Pepper & Dusty Ithink have the same attitude when they get mad,they both puttheir paw on my husbands arm when he moves their stuff aroundon the bottom of the cage.Last night Dusty did that with my husband,myhusband was moving his hay and Dusty keep putting his paw on him,likeleave my stuff...