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    Best toys you ever got..

    It's obviously this weird weather we have beenhaving in the N. East cause my rabbit's willing to run around and playhas become few and far between. I have searched high and low for goodrabbit toys and Manhattan is not interested in anything. Aside from theobvious cheap toys (cardboard and boxes)...
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    That metal box sounds like a plan. The onlyother thing I could think of was those cage liners and put a heavydouble sided tape on them around the middle and stick it to thecoroplast in the cage. Haha, that would be fun, but I'd only try itwhen I was home watching him. Thanks everyone!
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    Hey everyone! I don't know if it's the weather or just a case of the terrible two's,but Manhattan is devouring his litter boxes. He's chewing the sideslike a crazy little bunny and all the bitter sprays in the world won'tstop him. I'm open for any and all suggestions. Thanks! Meghan
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    Cavy Cages

    It's a heavy duty plastic called coroplast. I heart it. I've gone through two sheets of it, it's fairly inexpensive and oh so easy to clean. If you go to they have a part where you can search thru zip codes and all that andwhere to find it. Home Depot looked at me like I had 100...
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    Cavy Cages

    Thanks..but sorry ladies, he's fixed. This boy gets called everything but Manny, haha. My dad calls him Monkey since he's always binkying around the house and jumping on the couch. When he was little, he actually jumped out of that cage, thank God I was home, so nowthe screen is over it. He...
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    Cavy Cages

    Thanks for the ideas! Photobucket wasn't working last nite, so here's the most recent picthat I have of Manhattan..
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    Cavy Cages

    Ever since I made Manhattan his cage he's loved it. I've never had any problems with it. I would really like to let him get in and out of his cage (of couse when I'm home)at his own will rather than me have to pick him up to take him out. Is there any way to make a hinge-like door on these...
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    Best way to clip nails

    I can't even tell you the last time I was on this site. It's been awhile. Anyway, I have been trying for awhile to clip Manhattan's nails backand he is not having it. I find it odd that my vet doesn't do it or atleast that's what they told me over the phone. I've successfullyclipped the back...
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    Hi,This is Buster getting a bath in the kitchen sink!!!

    I loooove your bunny. It looks like Buster isjust laying there like melting caramel ice cream! I'm not sure howManhattan would like the idea of a bath... Meghan
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    I payed $80 in New Jersey. I was a littleweirded out that they kept Manhattan after they were done, but he gottons of kisses and nose rubs when he came back home the next afternoon. Meghan
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    Calling all funny bunny pictures!

    I already posted mine! Meghan
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    Calling all funny bunny pictures!

    Manhattan when he used to hide under the kitchen table legs showing his pearly whites. This one has been dubbed Coca Cola Manhattan by my Mom. I should sendthis to the company and see if they'll send us free soda, LOL! Last but not least...bunny radio! Meghan
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    Snuggy's Family Scrapbook

    I looove your bunnies..and the fact they arewearing Build-A-Bear makes them soo much more lovable! I work for theone in Manhattan proper, not my bunny, Manhattan, LOL! I've had people ask me all the time if the outfits will fit their smalldogs, they area lot cheaper than dog outfits sold a...
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    Please Keep Sebastian's Little Girl In Your Prayers

    Poor little girl. It's horrible that such athing could happen to such a wonderful girl and family.Youare all in my prayers..and yes, Buck is definatly watching over us all. Meghan