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    Bonding - When to put them together in the same cage?

    No aggression. They actually started out pretty indifferent to each other! No biting or chasing. I think I will give them another week in a shared play area then go for it!
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    Bonding - When to put them together in the same cage?

    I have a male and a female fixed rabbits that I am trying to bond. I have been working with them for almost 3 weeks now, they are at the stage where they don't fight at all, the female will groom the male, the male will kind of groom the female (he does a half-a**ed job!). They are together for...
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    Rest Peacefully BabyGirl

    oh no I am so sorry :(
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    Marking Edges of Playpen

    Hi everyone, I am having issues with my bun Buttons marking the edges of her playpen when I let her out. I currently have 3 buns in seperate cages, all de-sexed, but each day one bun comes out to play in the center of the living room. I attach a xpen to their cage and they use the center of the...
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    feeling a bit over run!

    I went from one rabbit to 3 in one weekend! It was kind of stressful! I made the mistake of going on craigslist to look at buns and found two that needed to be rescued right away. I feel kind of over run also, but it is getting better now that I have a routine down.
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    Bunny won't stop digging!

    I have one rabbit that digs, and 2 that don't really care to. It sounds like your bun is a digger like mine! I've never had my bun lose a nail or anything like that. The only way to really stop them is either put something over the spot they like to dig or remove access. I protect my carpet with...
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    Standing Bunnies!

    OMG his ears! Soooo cute!
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    EMERGENCY! Please Help Him!

    Oh my gosh the poor baby! I'm suprised and very happy he made it and is on the mend!
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    Bunny Lost His Nail

    Yesterday when my bun was getting his nails trimmed, his left dew claw came off! All of a sudden it was just completely off his foot :( There was barely any blood and he still has a tiny nub left, but pretty much almost all the nail is gone. He is acting normal, isn't limping or bleeding...
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    Wood pellets are the best thing ever! Lock in the pee and odors super well. I get mine (Marth is the brand) at Fleet Farm for like $8 for a gigantic bag.
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    Escaped Rabbit: A (Long) Rant

    OMG how horrible! I had that same thing happen with my guy. I was just drifting off to sleep when I saw something moving by my side of the bed. Turns out he had manuvered himself over the side of the second story of his condo and over the door. Just about gave me a heart attack, but it was very...
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    Thinking of making a herb garden...

    Another one I would recommend is mint. I had a mint plant last year and my rabbit loved it! Mint is also very easy to grow in containers and very hard to kill.
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    Spay/Neuter Assistance

    I don't have any other ideas for you really except maybe calling the local humane society and seeing if they know of another vet that might be able to help you out. I have donated plasma in the past for a 6 month stint. It is good money, but just a warning that long term it eventually makes...
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    Experimenting with greens!

    Having a rabbit has improved my diet as well, I eat way more greens! My guy loves Kale, green leaf, red leaf, baby spinach, parsley, cilantro, basil, carrot tops, and bell peppers. For treats I give blueberries, craisins, strawberries, mango, banana, apple, carrot, and these baked treats...
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    Rug eating

    My guy likes to dig and chew the carpet too. I have been putting down cardboard over the spot he likes to chew so he can destroy that instead. He actually really likes chewing the cardboard to bits, and it saves my carpet!