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    Buttercup's 10th Gotcha Day

    Happy Gotcha Day, Buttercup:woohoo A properly raised gentleman always dresses for his party.:cool:
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    Smokey, A Place For Pictures

    Happy Gotch Ya Day! 2 years with Mr. Awesome 2006 2007 2008 Some random pics from the last week. I don't like to use a flash so they can bea bit grainy. This years crop of Street Kids. First Generation. Second Generation.
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    ZuPreem Rabbit Pellets

    SOOOSKA wrote: I bought a bag from my Vet last week when I took Smokey in for a nail trim. He never liked pellets too much but over the last few months he has been eating them more and he was almost out of Kaytee Timothy Complete. I was never too fond of the smell of the Kaytee - and...
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    Millie's bunny burrows of madness

    Great pics. So good to see Millie.;)
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    Night Of the Lepus on tonight

    Night Of the Lepus is on TCM - Turner Classic Movies - Friday night / Saturday morning @ 2:15 AM Eastern. I don't know for sure if thereare Canadian and U.S. versions of TCM - our version of BRAVO is not the same as yours, as an example- so check your listings if interested...
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    Don't Forget

    pamnock wrote: Ugh, oh yeah.......:X Too late to edit. Well, enjoy the pictues:)
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    Don't Forget

    ......Because it's almost Spring! Now where did I put the hot dogs? Blah!
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    Smokey, A Place For Pictures

    Looks like the Street Kids are back The yard if full of "big-'n-little" prints since this pic Donnie........Donnie Darko Just a sec... Yes I could pose Hey, when the tail goes up.....the camera goes off Pajama Leg: my old nemesis Sock...I will teach you to take his...
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    7up commercial

    I've only seen a 15sec version of the ad on tv. It starts where the woman is opening the fridge. I think you need to see the garden torn up to get the full joke.
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    Aww, Heath Ledger Died :(

    Keith Olbermann had Harvey Levin from TMZ on at the end of his show. I didn't take notes but : Although Ledger had a history of substance abuse: He said his sources told him there were pill bottles around the apartment not around the bed like others were reporting. He had been sick for a few...
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    hello anyone have one of these for there bunnies?

    I have "rollin the hay" hanging on the side of Smokey's cage. It's pretty good. It has a small trap door for loading that is a little wonkie and hard to line up so I just zip tied it closed and load the thing by taking off one of the side plates. He pokes at it now and then more as a game than...
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    Peeping Toms

    I go crazy when I see a cottontail in my yard.....wow:shock:
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    Free reign bunnies

    My guy Smokey has been out free range since last July. He is about 18months old - neutered a year ago in December.The neutering was so effective at eliminating his furniture and carpet chewing, that we felt very comfortable in letting him out all day and even leaving him alone in the house for...
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    Misty, Charlie and Oliver's Crawl Space

    Yea, video:) And Oliver is getting so big:inlove:
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    Smokey, A Place For Pictures

    HoneyPot wrote: All the best to you and all of yours too. Moolap? Well he did put on a little last year at this time too. From the first page of this blog...... Perhaps a furlap.....