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attack bunnies would be awesome! as long as they still wanted (or in my girls' case, tolerated) snuggles from mommy, that is.
I would love to have a Flemish Giant that was an attack bunny! That would be awesome!

Anyway, I love that you found a bunch of things that your friend wasn't taking along in the move! Thats so awesome. I also love that we all look at things and we're like, "hmmm I bet the rabbit would love that." I do the same thing, on a daily basis!

That picture of Bandy and Snowy made me AWWW! out loud. They're so stinking cute! I just want to cuddle between them!
Ohhh. I forgot, I saw you put on someone else's blog that you couldn't find the flooring that Michelle uses for her bunny pens. She got the exercise stuff, but they also sell it for children. Its like giant foam puzzle pieces that are flooring. So if you go into the kids section in the store you might be able to find them! It might have the alphabet on it, but its basically the same thing.
I dunno, I think a flemish is too predictable of an attack bunny - it loses some of the entertainment value. now ellie, she'd make one hell of an attack bunn!
LMAO! I wonder if I could train her to attack strangers? That would be awesome! To see this little tiny 1/2 lb dutch bun come at you! Then after I told her back off, she would sit in the corner being like "come at me bro! come at me!" lmao. I just had this ridiculous vision in my head. :roflmao:
I was picturing her sitting on top a cabinet or something and leaping down onto someone as they walked past :D
I dunno, it'd be pretty funny with a cat as long as you weren't the victim... but I take it you were ><

the other thing is she's SO cute and SO tiny and SO cuddly-looking that she could hop right up to some unsuspecting person and then attack when they leaned down to pet her.
what a laugh, I can see Ellie licking them to death lmao.

Although after having suffered the bites when Snowy and Houdini were re-bonding, I can tell you if they sunk their teeth into you, it would be really painful. I imagine as Kung Fu Bunnies, like the Kung Fu Panda but cuter, that would be cool.

Thanks Morgan for the advice re the tiles, hadn't thought of the kids stores, ideal time to look for them, they look really good and easy to clean.

Thinking about them sitting in wait and leaping..I remember Houdini was sitting on the back of the sofa when he was little and suddenly decided to leap down and I was lying underneath. He nearly took my eye out...they would be a lethal weapon
hahaha. Yes their teeth hurt so bad! Foo bit me twice. The first time her teeth went straight through the middle of my thumb nail. The second time she got my index finger and took out two large chunks. It was terrible. I couldn't imagine being full on attacked by a bunny! Lying in wait like little ninjas... :ph34r2
hahaha...yes, I've had quite a few nips and sometimes they do it unwittingly when they climbing all over me and decide they'd like to take a bite out of my clothing and nip my tummy or something further up...yeah that hurts. But it was nothing like the bunny wars between these two. Snowy has a fine set of teeth and was not afraid to use them. I still have the holes in my best leather gloves to prove bunnies, I like the sound of the ninja turtles but cuter lol.
One thing about the foam tiles, is if any of your boys are chewers, they will probably destroy them. I know they wouldn't last a day with my girl that's a chewer. Plus it could be dangerous if they swallow any little pieces. Some better ones are a hard plastic tile with a textured top. They are sometimes found in home improvement stores under the name utility flooring tiles or also garage flooring tiles. They are similar to the foam ones, as they interlock together.
Thanks Jenny, I had thought of that as Houdini is a champion chewer, nothing is sacred for him. I'm going to try at the new store they've opened near Malaga and see what they have.

I was still a bit nervous coming back last night as I was quite late but everything OK. I suppose I will forget about it in a couple of days but I've got the baseball bat handy just in case lol.
Always good to have a weapon! We have a golf club by our front door, that makes me feel safe. And if it comes down to it, I'll send out Ellie my attack Dutch!
We had a break in, in my neighborhood this week too. My neighbor came home to 2 guys in her house. They took off and she went chasing after them, she's a runner and a pretty tough chick, but she didn't catch them cause she was in flip flops in the snow. So I've been extra careful this week making sure everything is locked up good. Having a baseball bat handy doesn't hurt either :boxing

Edit: Haha, Ellie your attack dutch! What is she going to do, kill them with bunny kisses:laugh:
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What do you mean...she´s the Kung Fu Bunny and she´s a lethal weapon. I laughed cos the film´s on over Christmas and she´s the same colour. I can just see her and really she´d scare them off.

Baseball bat against the wall and loud barking dog at the ready....think that should be enough lol..

Got loads of stuff at my friend´s house for the branches, dandelion leaves; I think my friend´s husband think my bunnies are the size of St Bernards as he´s given me enough to feed them for a couple of months. Also have oranges, lemons, grapefruit, peppers, thyme, basil and lavender (not sure they can eat that but will check). The car smelt lovely on the way home.

Took some lovely photos as she lives in the countryside and you could see the snow on the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Granada in the distance with the sea by the side.

I´ll download the pics and post tomorrow.

I´m really tired today. I hope the dog lets me get a full night´s sleep tonight and doesn´t wake me up at 4.30 again :tears2:
:tantrum:Well, I am now really annoyed with photobucket. I´d written a lot on here and was just posting the photos to go with it and it´s frozen my laptop twice so I´ve lost everything I´ve written. I am just so maddddddd...

So to start again, just wanted to update after a busy and stressful weekend. This up and down from house to house is now getting me down. I´m so tired and stressed out but I have to keep going until my friend´s back.

Had a good day Saturday at my friend´s house and we had a BBQ outside as the weather was so good. The views up there are lovely and the drive down was so nice as the bay of Malaga looked so beautiful with the mountains in the background, you could even see the snow on the Sierra Nevada in Granada. Í took a photo which isn´t great as I had to stop in the petrol station and take it through the fence but it still looks nice.
Came back with lots of things for the boys so they were really happy and have stuff to keep them going all through Christmas.

They were less happy yesterday as mummy decided to change round their cage. They didn´t even want to go back in when I´d finished and took about 2 hours to decide that it was OK before they settled down. Houdini managed to escape over the top so reinforcements came in and when I got back this morning, they were all inside thankfully.

Also had a call from my sister yesterday as my mum had another funny turn. She had one a couple of weeks ago and spent all afternoon in the A&E department of the hospital having tests. She was going away yesterday with friends and she took another funny turn on the way. The paramedic who attended called my sister and said everything was Ok but we´re now worried as she hasn´t called and we just want to know she´s OK.

I`ve decided finally to do my Christmas lunch at home as I really want to celebrate the first Christmas with my bunnies. I also have treats and a lovely parsley plant that my friend bought so I´ll be taking lots of photos and videos. I´m also going to get my friend to video them eating bananas as it´s hilarious. I´ll make sure I take the dog some Christmas dinner back so she´ll be happy later on that evening.

I also want to do some baking today, I´m not doing 400 cookies lol but will be doing cakes, muffins and buns (yes, that´s what we call cupcakes in England, never thought it was funny before). I´ll be doing enough for all my friends to have over the holidays.

I also wanted everyone to see my spanish friend´s nativity scene that she puts together every year. It´s awesome and it takes her ages but I love seeing it.

I am posting the photos separately as I can´t face photobucket freezing again and me having to remember everything I´ve written yet again.

Enjoy the holidays and will probably post something tomorrow :happybunny:
This is the nativity scene from the door towards the living room. It´s in the hallway:


This is the right hand side....


This is from the front....


I thinks it´s just fantastic:goodjob

Here´s the goodies in the back of my car for my little boys...parsley, dandelion, lavender, thyme....yummy


Here´s Venus, my friend´s cat enjoying the view...


This is the view of Malaga and Sierra Nevada...sorry about the fence but it´s the best I could do..

That is the biggest most detailed Nativity Scene I've ever seen. Its UNBELIEVABLE! Its like the WHOLE scene, like everything that was going on that night and day, is happening on that scene! Thats amazing.
Venus the cat has quite the view! Wow. Its so beautiful there! And the last picture, there is so much going on. The city, the ocean and the snowy mountains; so pretty!
I think your boys will be VERY happy with all the goodies that you brought home with you! That is a lot of stuff! I think you're right by saying he thinks they're the size of dogs with all the things he gave you! hahaha. I bet they're happy as little clams.

Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS! By our time change, its like dinner time for you right now, so by the time I get back tonight from doing Christmas with my in-laws, it will probably be after midnight there and already Christmas for you!
I hope you have a wonderful time making your cakes and buns! It is funny they're called buns, a little strange. What do you call buns? Like cinnamon buns or hamburger buns? Are those rolls?
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your boys and your friends! Merry Christmas from my family to yours! :hearts:
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