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Yes, Morgan, I´m so lucky having three boys who all get on and I love watching them all snuggle together for their naps. I can´t believe now that I got them by chance and that they´ve all bonded so well.

Yes, it´s really difficult to get different kinds of hay here. They do sell timothy hay but it´s mega expensive, about 12 Euros for a 1 kg bag and with three buns, that´s way over budget as they do eat like their hay. The rest is not too bad but you´re looking at around 3 euros for a kilo of standard hay. That´s another thing that bugs me is they never put what kind it is so I end up going round loads of stores trying to find some decent hay. I´ve been buying at a supermarket that stocks UK brands and I´m getting them the meadow hay at the moment. I really want to look for a place that supplies horses, maybe I can get it cheaper there. I have looked on sites in the UK but they can´t send the heavier stuff although I have bought toys from over there and there are a few sites here which sell stuff but not in bulk sizes.

I´d love to grow it but I only have a small terrace so no room. Where I´m going, it´s got a lovely big garden but, because of the dog. She´s a terrier mix so not really keen on her getting near the buns so I don´t think it´s going to be feasible to get them outside. Apart from that, there is a golf course just behind the house and there´s a sparrow hawk in the trees in that area which I have seen so I´d be terrified of it swooping and carrying of my boys away.

Anyway, I´ll keep you updated on my move to their new territory. My friend´s leaving tomorrow but I probably won´t take them down there until Thursday which means a lot of back and forth for the next few days as they´ll be on their own at night.

I´ll take some photos once I´ve got everything set up down there.
If you can find anyplace that has horses that aren't just out in a field grazing, you may be able to ask them where they get their hay from, or they may even just sell you a bale. Do they not have horse supply stores there, that you could get hay from?
Don´t get me started or I´ll never stop. I remember in the UK, there were loads of really massive pet stores that stocked everything. Over here, I can´t even get a willow tunnel, I have to order online. They may be better in Madrid or Barcelona but down here in Malaga, it´s hard to find anything. There isn´t one large petstore that stocks everything and even less for rabbits. I just bought a food feeder with a hay feeder above it today from a department store but it was quite expensive but I loved it cos it´s sturdy and I can attach it to the cage. I actually bought the new cage from there last week and some hay and a couple of other things as if I spent over a certain amount, they gave me a 10 Euros gift card as they had a special deal in the pet department. The brochure for their offers was on the counter today and of a 60 page brochure for pet supplies, there was 1 page for rabbit stuff and it was all food and this is the largest department store in Spain.

I have tried in several towns but the food they sell is mostly muesli type and very expensive. Even with online suppliers here, the good dried stuff is works out really expensive with three buns. I buy their pellets now in Gibraltar where I can get Burgess food but they´re always out of hay.

I hear all you guys talking about all this stuff and I look online at UK suppliers and just feel like screaming. But, I have to work with what I can get so I feed them less dried food now, loads of the hay I can get and lots of veggies. But, I am going to look and see if I can find out where they supply horses to see if I can get hay from there.

Some of the joys of living in Spain :pullhair:
Awh, also just read your blog! I had started before but for some reason never finished. I love your buns and love that they all look different! It really adds a lot of character to the photos. The pictures of them snuggling are beyond precious and you are certianly lucky that you got them all separately and they all bonded. Thats always how it works, it's the people that don't do their research prior to (which at this time you hadn't yet) that get lucky and get the easy going buns and the bonds going easily too, and the ones that plan forever get the bunnies that are hard to bond. Although, I could just be frustrated from my two little suckers :p

I know what you mean about people in Europe treating their pets very differently. I lived in Poland for a few years since my whole family is from there and I always disliked the way they treated their pets! Whenever I said anything I would get comments like "it's just a dog/cat/bird etc."

My aunt has a lovely boxer though and she is the only one that I knew to take amazing care of him! He was so well trained, walked 3 times a day and she cooked a soup for him every few days with meat, rice and veggies. My grandfather on the other hand also thinks animals are disposable and always had some type of a dog that he would just give away or sell when it didn't suit him anymore.

I'm glad the bunnies are still getting a good diet though, despite the obstacles you have to go through!
Looking forward to reading more about them :)
I knew that it was difficult for people to find the right food and hay in other countries, its amazing what the animal standards are in different places. lol
I couldn't imagine. I also couldn't imagine paying 12 euros for 1 kg of hay, that is way too much money for NOT enough hay! I think a kg is like 2.2 lbs and that is NOTHING. I think Ellie eats that much hay in a day! lol

I fed Foo a no pellet diet and she did wonderfully on it. You may be able to do the same for your boys as long as they don't get any tummy upset from the veggies/greens. And I definitely would look into finding a horse stable or something like that there, they may be able to help you with the hay problem. As long as the horses eat the hay, then the rabbits can eat the hay.
Thanks Michelle, yes I didn´t really know anything when they arrived but have learned quickly and have found out so much from people on here. It´s fascinating to read everyone´s experiences as they are so varied. I was so lucky in that my two little boys came together and Bandy, who arrived later, just attached himself to them with no problems although maybe, because he was so tiny at the beginning, they made allowances.

I must admit that the problem I had with them after their neuters where the two smallest unbonded was a nightmare but, with perserverance and patience, anything is possible.

I couldn´t now imagine life without them.

In the end, I have decided not to take them with me to my friend´s house. I was looking at the rooms available and I don´t really think I can rabbit proof sufficiently well to take them down there as it´s OK if they wreck something here but don´t fancy having to tell my friend that they dug through the wall or eaten the underneath of her wardrobe or the doors of the closets. It´s would just be too costly for me to do it temporarily and there´s no way I could keep them caged for a whole three weeks. It would kill them but it would kill me as well. They´re used to their freedom and I would desperately miss having my time with them every day.

So, it´s a trek to my friend´s house at night to stay with the dog and back here mid morning to tend to my trio. Although, it´s only a 20 minute drive, it´s going to be hard work but I don´t really want their lives to change and I´ve read that a house move or a change in territory can a dog barking could really be too much for them. I hate leaving them every night but I do put on a timer for the telly and the lights so that everything goes off, more or less, at the same time as I go to bed.

It´s quite sad as I´ve house sat her dog for around four years but I think she´s just going to have to find suitable kenneling for her for next year. I have a friend who kennels four dogs when she´s away and she tells me it´s a great place so I´ll probably recommend that.

I can tell you I was stressed out this morning as I´d been reading about rabbit proofing yesterday and it was warning about leaving loo seats up, water in the bath and flip bins outside which can fill with water. I had a dream just before I woke up of finding Snowy in the loo and I can tell you, I dídn´t rest until I got back this morning and saw him sitting there. I can tell you he was fed up of being hugged, heck they all were.

Am I awful to do this to them, I hate being away from them but I´d committed to this before I got them and I felt I couldn´t change my mind. She´s gone on a cruise to Australia and New Zealand which is why it´s longer than usual.

I feel I´m being a rotten bunny mummy at the moment but I know they´ll be safe at home and I´m spending as much time as I can with them. I´m here now listening to them out and about but I hate putting them in early. A couple of hours yet and they´ll soon retire to their rug for a short siesta.

Here´s a video of them all munching together...they do love their herbs.

Hey, forgot to add something. Morgan, yes hay is expensive and not much of it is really good quality but they need it and thankfully, they´re quite small although they do get through quite a lot. I really do need to find a horse supplier to get more quantity at a better price. They do eat, anyway, lots of veggies and, touch wood, they´re quite sturdy little souls and I don´t have many problems with bad tummies. I don´t feed them that many pellets anyway now but they do enjoy them.

There are good people over here who love their pets and consider them one of the family. I think I´ve commented before that nearly all my friends have pets but either dogs or cats and they are all so spoilt and really are part of the family. But you see so many others that are badly treated, not looked after properly and loads of abandoned cats and dogs. They don´t really have the RSPCA like they do in the UK so if you see any stray animals, you´re on your own if you want to rescue. I remember I once found a young pup outside where I live and he was in danger of being knocked down by a car as I live near a main road. Between myself and a young lad, we managed to catch him but I ended up having to take him to the local shelter; he was chipped and he was returned to his owners, thank goodness but there must be hundreds more where people don´t have the time or can´t be bothered and that´s not to hear me go on about road kill which sometimes stays there for´s absolutely terrible.

I´ll never understand how people can take in some pet and then just get rid of it for whatever reason. Do they not get attached to him/her and grow to love that little being. ???

I´m a real sucker for mine too, there are so many things they do that brighten my day, can´t imagine life without them.
I'm almost sort of glad you decided not to take them to your friends house. Things like that can be so stressful for them! I would hate it if taking them there broke the bond that they have.
Don't feel bad about leaving them, its for their own good I think. You're a great bunny mommy and they know that. They'll be fine at night, at least they all have each other.

I would like to also say that I'm really glad you found this forum and joined are little community. You fit right in! You've made me feel a lot better about things I would really like to say thank you for that. I really appreciate it. :hearts:
Yes, it was a hard decision but Í wasn´t 100% sure of it and having had a look around yesterday and today, I know I don´t want them to be in a room on their own in a strange place and I would so miss my time with them every day and I´m sure ´they´d miss their own environment where they´re so happy so it´s more travelling but less stress for me as well. And you´re right, I´d hate my relationship with them to go backwards, it´s taken me so long to gain their trust.

I love it on RO, everyone is so involved and I love chatting to everyone and swapping stories with people who really do understand our obsession with our buns.

I hope my words have helped, I really do mean what I said. I feel for you so much and know what it´s like to lose a much loved pet. I often think about my little dog, she was nearly 17 when I had to put her to sleep, it´s nearly 7 years ago and remember all the joy she gave to me. You´ll remember Foo in the same way as time passes. Elvira will become an important part of your life but in a different way to Foo. They all feed different needs but we love them unconditionally and forever.

I´m here whenever you need me.

Aw thanks Michelle, I love them too and when I bring these plants home, I can't wait to put it down and see them scoffing. I am lucky that I didn't have the initial problems that most people have as the first two were bonded from birth and Bandy just sort of arrived and snook in there.

However, I do understand how hard it is to bond after my two unbonded after neutering and I was so heartbroken when I thought they may not bond again but luckily with patience and neutral territory and one week, it happened. I never tire of watching the three of them together and it's great that every small thing on here that amazes me, amazes you guys as you see the same things in your guys and gals.

I'll try and post more videos of the three of them as they are so funny together.
I think you made the right call in the end by leaving them at home... I was a bit anxious that the new space might upset their bond, given that same-sex bonds and trios are both prone to upsets (let alone a same-sex trio). they'll probably miss you, but they've got each other to play and snuggle with so I'm sure they'll be just fine. it's really sweet of you to take the time to drive back and forth every day so that you can leave them home and go back to tend to them... and I smiled when I read the bit about setting a timer to run the TV/lights according to your schedule - that's a very sweet and thoughtful extra touch for the bunnies!
I know, what am I like. I feel so much better that everyone feels I´m doing the right thing as I so hate leaving them every night and can´t wait to get back the next day to check they´re OK. I´d hate to leave them any longer as I can´t leave extra pellets as Bandy would eat them all in one go and I do leave loads of hay but worry in case they run out of water. I´d also worry about them getting a slow gut and falling in so it´s well worth making the trip just to know they´re OK. Heck, I miss them though at night. I set the lights and TV to, more or less, the same time as I normally go to bed so their routine is still the same. I know it´s a bit silly but I´d hate them to be in the dark for so long when I leave.

Back her now and loving watching them racing about and then snuggling up. These three weeks are going to be veeeery long.
They won't be that long, they'll fly by. Its amazing how you can turn a new routine into your "regular" routine. I'm sure your boys are fine, but I totally understand the unrest of it. I'm sure they're so happy to have you back when you get home!
Yeah, I guess if you have to do it, you get used to it.

I was a bit spooked though when I got back to my friend's house tonight as I bumped into their neighbour and he asked me if I'd put the alarm on in the house. I told him they don't have one and he said that they'd been burgled earlier today....yipes, I was a bit scared even though I have the dog with me and she makes a heck of a lot of noise when someone is lurking outside. Apparently, they didn't lock the security gate on the front door as they were only going to the local shop and they broke in through there and stole quite a lot: jewellry, watches, cash. I shouldn't worry so much as I always lock everything up even if I'm only going to dump the trash. But, I'm a bit restless tonight so don't know how well I'll sleep.

Left me boys with food, veggies and plenty of water and lots of toys. I hate leaving them but they had their heads in their food and didn't even notice me going...typical. Can't wait to see them again in the morning.
I would also be freaked out! But I'm sure you'll be fine. Sometimes is nice to have a dog who barks a lot. My dog barks all the time and its comforting sometimes, but other times I just want to smack him. I don't of course, its in his nature. He's a protector!
Yeah, just keep safe! I wish bunnies could be giant guard animals, then you could just say "HEY buddy, I'll sick my rabbit on you if you come closer":bunnysuit:.... Perhaps a little too humorous but seriously stay cautious and best of luck with it all. You are so sweet to keep your bunnies on a normal schedule, I've never thought of that but it's a GREAT idea!
Yes, she is a really good guard dog and although she´s not massive, I wouldn´t like to get on the wrong side of her. Sometimes, her barking drives me mad but, after hearing about this, I´ll be quite glad if she makes noise if she thinks she hears something.

Everything was Ok in the end last night but the dog thought it was fun to wake me up at 4.30am and then again at 6.30am to play...I could have killed her but I suppose she´s missing company during the day. I´m just hoping she´ll let me sleep through the night tonight although I´ll be back there later than usual as I´ve been helping a friend move house today so I was back late to let my boys out so I have to give them, at least, three hours to get rid of all their energy. I am actually exhausted today and will be so glad to see any bed tonight haha.

I think that keeping them to their normal schedule maybe makes them feel more secure and hopefully, they won´t miss me too much. Houdini, I think, is not very happy with me as he thumped for the first time today when I fed him this morning. I will certainly have to give him extra hugs and nose rubs.

The good thing about house moves is you can pick up some of the stuff people don´t want to take. I got two wooden latticed storage boxes with cushions on top which I think might be great for their food and other stuff and they can jump up and sit on top of them as well. I also picked up loads of fleecy blankets and similar stuff which they´ll love.

I´m going to my friend´s house tomorrow for an early Christmas lunch, I´m really looking forward to it. She´s also an animal lover, she has two dogs and two cats and she´s already involved with my bunnies as her husband will be cutting apple branches and collecting dandelion leaves and fresh herbs for me to bring back for them. It´s lovely having people who grow their own stuff. I´ll also pick up fresh lemons and whatever other veg is ready. I just love it and you can really taste the difference between shop bought stuff.

Well, that´s enough of me rambling today so I´ll sign off and will probably be back on when I´m woken by the dog at 4.30 least, I´ll catch quite a few of you with the time difference lol.

Cuddling up on the coffee table. They´d always jumped over and I thought it would make a great place for them to rest so I put a towel on there and they love it....


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