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  1. EclipseTheLionhead


    This morning I woke up and went to pick up Eclipse. For the last few days she haven't been her normal full of live self. I've been thinking she's probably pregnant because she has been making nests. And well I checked her bottom because I smelled something really bad. Her whole bottom and tail...
  2. I

    Rabbit made weird hard gel substance

    Hey! ( first time posting on here too btw ) I woke up today to check in on my rabbit as usual and found some weird stuff in her cage. I can kinda tell one of them is poop but it’s still all mushed around. could it be diarrhea? The other thing is more clear/yellowish. It’s also a gel like...
  3. Sarahlyn


    Me again, My 4 wild cottontails have been experiencing dandelion greens for the past three days and they did great. Still having a bit of formula. My small bun didn’t want milk anymore, bit my feeding nipples up, so I added rice pablum (as per rehabber instructions) so she didn’t need to take...
  4. S

    Septran use in rabbit for diarrhea. Safe?

    This a follow up for my post yesterday. The doctor prescribed Septran for the diarrhea problem saying she spotted Giardia. Ive heard very bad things about Septran side effects in humans.So Im wondering if I should go with her prescription. Has anyone heard about this treatment?
  5. S

    Rabbit Diarrhea?

    One of my 1 yr old rabbit has been excreting like this since yesterday (a little). We spotted the watery stools once on the floor today afternoon but wasnt sure what it was. Now in the evening we spotted these (pics attached, the other normal stools in pics 4 and 5 may or may not have been mixed...
  6. E

    G.I Stasis Recovery

    hey guys! I am a very worried bunny mom. About three days ago my precious bun stopped having any interest in food, she ate a few leafs of lettuce the first day some of her pellets; I tried giving her a carrot to entice her to eat and she had a couple nibbles but then stopped. After that she had...
  7. Scarly

    New Bunny - Poop Issues

    so I just adopted a new bunny, Peter (neutered), he is a 2 year old Holland Lop. His poop basically looks like dog poop it’s not ball shaped and soft and squishy. It’s not cecotropes either those look even softer. His diet thus far (not from me, his previous owner): Alfalfa hay (tho there...
  8. Fran & Gabriel

    Mushy/watery stool HELP!

    Hello it's Fran&Gabriel again. Apologies for the long post This morning I saw that Gabe drops mushy/watery stool. After a quick search online I am freaking out since it says that its an emergency and the bunny can die within 12 hrs. A quick health history for Gabe (small netherland dwarf...