New Bun help (Diet and Bonding)

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Jul 5, 2019
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Hello! So I recently adopted a non-neutered male bun named Spot on the 4th of July and I already had a female rabbit, Ipa, which i got spayed last year. Unfortunately Spots previously family had him in a small chicken wire cage and only fed him pellets. Now he has a whole room but is confined to a section of it until the bonding process is complete. I currently have 2 concerns at this time.

1. My female rabbit Ipa, seems like she doesn't mind him and actually will sleep next to his cage. Spot on the other hand is definitely in love or maybe just in lust. And when they are in a neutral space Spot will chase Ipa, in hopes of reproducing with her (even though shes spayed) and Ipa does not like that so she just runs away. I've even had Spot try and reproduce with my arm when he was wild after seeing Ipa. Spot has a vet appointment scheduled for next week and hopefully will be spayed the week after next but in the mean time is there any point in trying to continue the bonding process? Like I said they seem to like each other just Ipa isnt a fan of trying to be reproduced with so I just wonder if it would be better to wait till after hes neutered.

2. As previously mentioned the previous owners did not take of the bun very well and therefore his eating habits are terrible (and his poops are tiny)! He seems to only like pellets (the bad kind) and i've tried mixing in small amount of the Oxbow adult pellets to get him some more fiber. But he doesnt really like to eat lettuce ( I feed like a spring mix to Ipa who cant get enough) or hay (which ipa loves also haha). Ive tried adding things to the hay to make it sweeter or more appealing but he will only eat pellets. Does anyone have any tips on how to adjust this little buns diet so he can live a longer healthier life? I do not think i can cut him off of pellets cold turkey because then he wont eat and we do not want GI Stasis!