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  1. hxkev

    Need some bonding advice

    We are planning to build a little space for my 2 buns (both neutered)in the next couple of weeks, so I am trying to bond them as fast as possible (I know it takes time and I dont want to rush it either). We started with stress bonding, we put them in a box, shook them, went around the house with...
  2. W

    Having a very tough time bonding, advice greatly appreciated!

    I apologize in advance that this is long I just want to include all information and I'm at a loss for what to do next. So I've had my female bun Tater for about 6 months now, she's 8 months old and spayed. I really wanted to get her a friend as I know how beneficial it is for bunnies. I...
  3. cosmoluna

    Will my baby female rabbit fight my neutered male once she reaches sexual maturity?

    So around 3 weeks ago I adopted an 8 week old female holland lop as a companion for my 9 month old neutered male holland lop. I tried everything I heard about bonding, and for some reason it was love at first sight and the 2 are inseparable. my male grooms her, they cuddle, eat together, and he...
  4. K

    New Bun help (Diet and Bonding)

    Hello! So I recently adopted a non-neutered male bun named Spot on the 4th of July and I already had a female rabbit, Ipa, which i got spayed last year. Unfortunately Spots previously family had him in a small chicken wire cage and only fed him pellets. Now he has a whole room but is confined to...
  5. N

    How to know when rabbits are bonded?

    Hello! I have two rabbits I've been attempting to bond for a while. I'm wondering how do you know when rabbits are bonded? They've stayed together in non-neutral space for 24 hours with only positive signs but I'm worried they haven't figured out their dominance hierarchy. They both groom each...
  6. Griffin Elfant

    Bonding Bunnies New Video

    Hey everyone! I just posted the second video up on my youtube channel! It showcases Daisy's second speed dating session at our local rabbit shelter! I am very excited to say we adopt Saturday! But who will we adopt?! I would really appreciate your support, if you have a gmail you can log in...