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  1. S

    only hay diet - how long is enough?

    i had posted here previously about my rabbit having a sensitive stomach and cecotrope staining (post here). it hasn't really improved much, but she does eat them all. i started just having her have only hay this Monday, so today is day 4, and she is eating a lot more hay and her normal poops...
  2. S

    please help! cecotrope staining - should i be concerned?

    Sorry this is going to be long; I want to give as much context and details as possible. I adopted my lion-head bunny this year at like the beginning of June. She's est. to be 2-3 yrs old, and she weighs about 4lbs, and where I adopted her from said that she was still having some poop issues...
  3. elentari

    stopped eating hay

    so the saga continues. my rabbit has had a slew of issues recently and for the last month she hasn't wanted to eat any hay. the vet suggested a pellets only diet since then. we are currently doing that. this is obviously concerning since hay is 80% of her diet and she's never not eaten it. she...
  4. mollyisthecoolest

    Advice on my rabbit’s diet please!!

    Hi, i’m a fairly new rabbit owner and has had my 5 and a half month old rabbit for over a month now So far, i feed him a handful of lettuce and 3 slices of pepper or cucumber or carrot twice a day for breakfast and dinner. He also has pellets and hay on offer for him 24/7 I thought that maybe...
  5. G

    What do i feed my 2 month old bunny?

    He has unlimited hay. The only thing I need to ask about are pellets and veggies. How much pellets should i give him per day? Do i only feed him once? Should i wait until 5 months for veggies? What kind?
  6. Helen Thomas

    Bladder Sludge - Low Calcium Diet Recommendations??

    My 6yr old mini-lop has been having on-going issues with bladder sludge which started in lasted Nov. At that time I took out all high calcium greens ie spinich & kale from his diet and replaced with grass and weeds with approx 6 pellets every other day. He's been fine up until last week when I...
  7. S

    Nearly 6 week old babies' diet help

    We have two rabbits as of yesterday, both almost 6 weeks old on Saturday. The previous owner separated them from their mother too young, at two weeks. She started them on a diet of vegetables way too early and the wrong bunny pellets (with grains, flowers and other vegetables). They are now on...
  8. X

    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    So a little background info, my bun is a 12 week old free roam lionhead (not sure if shes a mini or regular) and shes really good with using her litter box in the daytime, her daytime poops also look normal. She does eat her cecotropes but sometimes she might leave one or two in the litter box...
  9. H

    Does a 5 m/o rabbit need pellets everyday?

    I'm freaking out because I accidentally got Hendrix's bag of pellets all wet and I had to throw them out. There's no pet stores around me that carry rabbit supplies - only cat and dog. I placed an order on Chewy for new pellets but it says it should take 1-3 days to come. If I'm feeding him...
  10. xbject

    Can I feed grass instead of hay?

    I have a 5 year old rabbit who doesn’t eat hay, she only eats hay cubes. It’s not enough though. We took her to the vet today and the vet said it seems like she’s beginning to develop GI stasis. I know this can kill bunnies which is why I want to know if grass is a good substitute for hay. I’ve...
  11. B

    Alfalfa based diet for young rabbit - when to switch?

    Hi everyone, My rabbit is almost 4 months old and he’s currently eating unlimited alfalfa hay and oxbow’s young rabbit pellets. I’ve read mixed reviews on when to start switching over to timothy hay. At what age do you think it’s appropriate to start easing your rabbit into timothy hay...
  12. Lois south

    Can rabbits eat callaloo?

    Hi Guys My neighbours, family friends and my parents have been giving me lots of callaloo also known as amaranth, that they have grown. I am up to my neck in it. Has anyone ever fed callaloo to their bunny before because I know that I can't finish it all on my own. Thanks
  13. B

    Bunny suddenly lethargic

    So I first got my rabbit about a week ago and from the very beginning she’s been very active, especially once the clock hits 7:30 pm. Since I had her I was feeding her a diet of timothy hay and pellets, however, I wasn’t sure if she was too young to start introducing veg (she’s 3 months) but...
  14. caretaker of the annoyed

    Coarse Fur

    Hey, I have a netherland dwarf who has one or two small patches of coarse fur. He has unlimited timothy hay and some fresh veggies daily with pellets. His water is filtered tap water. Is it possible for his fur to have just dried out or is it dietary? I've been watching him closely for the past...
  15. cosmoluna

    How old should my bunny be to start feeding treats?

    Hi all (: I just was wondering when I can start feeding my young bunny treats! I have oxbow baked treats (strawberry and banana) made with hay. How long should I wait before giving her any? She’s 3 month old right now.
  16. Ani

    Bunny diet question

    So I wanna give a bit of info as to what I experienced at the vet and hopefully someone can give me some insight here. I recently went to the vet to get my new bunny a checkup. I didnt really like how they handled her, the vet said she was acting abnormal since she wasnt allowing them to...
  17. C

    Can a bunny eat only fresh vegetables and be OK?

    My bunny does not want to eat hay. I took her to the vet and they could not find anything wrong with her. Can a bunny live well eating only fresh vegetables? If this is the case, how much vegetables per day she needs? She is 6 lb. Finally, what type of fresh vegetables will give her all the...
  18. K

    New Bun help (Diet and Bonding)

    Hello! So I recently adopted a non-neutered male bun named Spot on the 4th of July and I already had a female rabbit, Ipa, which i got spayed last year. Unfortunately Spots previously family had him in a small chicken wire cage and only fed him pellets. Now he has a whole room but is confined to...
  19. Aggeliki

    Unknown bunny age diet *help*

    Hello, I have a question. So I was going to adopt a bunny but my friends got me a bunny from a pet shop (21st of May) he was about 3-4 months ,now I have him for 2 months and I am not sure if he is 5 or 6 months old. I know you need to start vegetables after 6 months old but I am not sure when...
  20. Kat Lust

    Safe for My 3 Month Old Bunnies to Eat Timothy Hay?

    Hello everyone, Recently, I have been a bit concerned about the diet my rabbits have. I have heard that for young rabbits up until 7 months old or so, are supposed to eat Alfalfa Hay, as it is the best for their growth and health. I have two 3 month old bunnies, and I have had them for a bit...