Leporidae Online Game

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Sep 22, 2013
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A free online multiplayer game that lets you raise your own rabbits and compete with others!

Features include:

Leporidae has all US recognized breeds plus more, making a total of 60+ breeds. Our art team spent 5 years adding them all, we did not cut corners.

Leporidae has real-life genetics programmed into it, along with hidden modifiers that can change the subtle variation in your rabbits' coat colors or patterns.

Leporidae has its own global show association. All breeds have their standard and distribution of points, which are used in shows against other players.

Every breed has its own club that you can join. Clubs are also involved in sweepstakes and CODs (getting new colors recognized).

Feed, water, and provide other care for your rabbits. Each one has their own housing unit. You can choose between solid or wire floors, hutches, cages, or x-pens. Keep them clean and use resting boards to prevent illness. There's plenty of ways you can raise the best, happiest rabbits!​