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Who on here plays this? I recently started, and was just wondering who still did or joined. Also if you still play what is your player name? I’m crazychickengirl.
I just found out about it. I'm having trouble getting it to recognize my login info. Will let you know once I get in!
Bunbuncat #5668 is mine.
I have my password saved on mobile but the reset password thing won't send me an email no matter how much i try, so if i were to swap my phone for whatever reason, i'd lose quite a lot of progress and work.
I'm Dragon; though I haven't played for a while I hop on sometimes. My dwarfs used to be some of the top in game but it's been so long since I really played that they're not even close any more
Oh i’ve been looking at your rabbits! Can I buy one of your ND’s? Also does anyone know how to use thearpy pets?
Private messages or posting in the chat on the site will get you more answers since I’m not sure how many people on here actually play it. Also what is your name on there? I’m crazychickengirl.
I googled it too but could not find it, could you please send me the link?