I had to let Musti go...

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Oct 12, 2019
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Some of you bunniers know that my lop boy Musti was battling with a knee disease bulge and sadly, we had to let him go. We didn't want to put him trough the torment of having either an amputated leg or a chance of the disease returning/him passing away on the table. The vet was really nice and talked us through all of the options. Sadly she said that Musti would never heal to normal even with treatment as his joints had been destroyed by the illness. So we thought about it real hard, i wailed and sobbed a ton, gave him my final hugs and kisses, he directly licked away my tears, and with a broken heart, let him peacefully enter forevermost sleep. I feel like that was the best thing for him. received_623006588303566.jpegreceived_548612772335965.jpeg20200501_115016.jpgreceived_438202366972443.jpegWe got to take him home for burial and dad will give him a gravestone with his very own picture engraved in it.

May he forever rest in peace. I'll never forget him. Ever.
I’m sorry for your loss 😞 he’s in a better place know. I’m sure he had the best life he could ever ask for.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Nature doesn't stand an empty spot and neither do i, so my dad allowed me to pick myself a new buddy from the person we had gotten Musti from. The new boy is such a sweet little fellow. Still afraid of the new home but i'm sure i'll learn to love him as much as i love Musti.

A picture of the little booger for those who are wondering.
Thank you!
I will also be sincerely hoping that Musti will forgive me for putting him to rest but i just felt like, as he sat in my lap when came the time to tell our decisions, he ground his teeth real hard to me. He licked my tears and kept grinding his teeth to me. My dad, the vet and i could all hear it very loudly. That, i felt like, was his sign to me not to worry, not to cry, and to let him go his way, free of the pain. I felt like he was showing me how much he hurt, how much he couldn't bear it and how much he'd be missing us. But he was telling us to let him go. After that moment, i had abandoned all thougjts of the risky treatments, and given him a pass to live his life healthy across the rainbow bridge
i am so sorry. This is really upsetting but I’m so glad that you got to be with him and rest him peacefully.

Wishing you all the best xx
Thank you all!
Thank you!