Heatstroke? Nerve damage?

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Apr 25, 2018
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Hello everyone,
I am from Belgium and new to this forum but I am very worried about my rabbit Marie-Jeanne.
So 5 days ago, the weather in Belgium was very hot (for this time of the year). It was 28 degrees celcius, about 82°F. So it was hot inside of the house so I decided to put her in her outside cage on the grass which has a roof she can lie under. I am a new rabbit owner and never had to deal with hot weather so I never asked myself too many questions about the fact that rabbits can't really deal with hot temperatures. And I am very mad about myself for just thinking she would be just fine outside, I would do anything for my rabbit and can't bear the thought of losing her. So She was outside for a couple of hours, at the end of the day so temperatures were dropping but it was still hot outside. Then my sister came home with her male rabbit who is operated recently so it was the first time both our rabbits could be together in 1 cage without the chance of my rabbit getting pregnant. So my rabbit wasn't very fond of my sister's male rabbit so she often ran away quite quickly from him. At that moment she looked fine, she was very active which I liked at that moment. So in the evening I put her back in her cage inside my home and she looked fine, she was sleeping very cute. So the next my mother woke me up saying Marie-Jeanne looked very ill, she didn't move at all, couldn't sit up or eat or drink, she was extremely weak. So I immediately called my vet and a half an hour later I could go to my vet. He said she wasn't having any pain but it looked like she had a minor eye infection, so he gave her an injection for that and said to me everything would be fine. I ofcourse wasn't convinced that that was the only thing going on. So I came home and she would just lay down the whole day, not standing up, not eating, not drinking at all, at times she tried standing up but she couldn't keep balance and was too weak for standing up more than 2 seconds. So I started giving her critical care and water with a syringe because she couldn't do it herself. So I went on the internet and found out she might have had a heatstroke without me knowing and possible nerve damage, which would explain her balance problems. She also started tilting her head and grinding her teeth. I am now 4 days further with giving her food and water with a syringe, but she is still the same, can't really get up and I am panicking a lot. I know I was very stupid assuming putting her outside in this weather was the good thing to do and I take full responsibility for my stupidness but I need your help. Do you know what I can do to make my rabbit better, if there is indeed nerve damage and if there is treatment for it?
Thank you a lot in advance, from a very worried rabbit owner who can't lose his rabbit :(