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Nein. Heavily allergic to them, otherwise would've had one household cat.

Tpbm is getting their bun a bondmate soon? Storm will be getting his tomorrow!
True, if you count a nightmare as a reality. I have two very fluffy rex buns that are currently shedding. Just from stroking them I get a new fur coat.
TPBM is here on a laptop
Books are always better than movies. Your own imagination creates the pictures when you read and that will always be richer than the images created by a director who can't share your own visions, images, perspectives, opinions, fantasies, likes and dislikes.
TPBM read Watership Down and created a magical imagery that fights with the film version....?
Never tried it so can't really say. Regular skiing is nice. School p.e skiing was just a nightmare. Some years ago I took a wrong turn and got lost in the ski hills, nobody even knew i was gone.

Tpbm's favourite non-food-item is ?
Hm, ignoring the more common things like shower or microwave, that would be my every day carry knive, a simple, inexpensive fixed blade Morakniv. Such a versatile tool, always on me. Sheath needed a little trimming and a modification after a year, (fabric loop), otherwise pretty much the best compromise between sturdiness and size I came across.

Tpbm likes Heavy Metal (I got rather recently into that :) )
Chasing a dog. Jupiter loves to steal things so I often have to corner him to take it away, not exactly easy but I am now a pro , a lot of practice :p
TPBM knows what a breed of bird a Fischer is
I've heard of them, but i cannot picture them in my imagination....

Tpbm now has _______ ?
No, but i would like to try it eventually.

Tpbm never knew that _____?
False. My dad's uncle had them when dad was young.

Tpbm has more than ____ ?

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