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    • Preitler
      Preitler replied to the thread wood pellets for litter.
      I definitly can say that wood stove pellets under a top layer of hay were a game changer with my indoor rabbits.
    • Preitler
      Preitler reacted to Blue eyes's post in the thread wood pellets for litter with Like Like.
      Those are perfect. Remember they expand so very little is needed.
    • Preitler
      Preitler replied to the thread Shampoo for feet.
      I'm very reluctant to put any chemicals on rabbits. Stained feet are just a cosmetical issue that will resolve itself once the reason...
    • Preitler
      Preitler replied to the thread Heating options.
      The key problem is to get energy there to convert to heat. Electric is the most convinient and pretty save, anything with a flame or any...
    • Preitler
      Preitler reacted to matslops's post in the thread first time mum overdue by 5 days with Like Like.
      The mum is on the right and buck is on the left
    • Preitler
      Preitler replied to the thread Mowing around new kits.
      If this is a noise they will encounter anyway at some point I think when they are younger they are somewhat more flexible to accept it...
    • Preitler
      Preitler reacted to JBun's post in the thread Mowing around new kits with Like Like.
      I wouldn't be so much concerned about the kits at this age, but the parents. But since they're ok with it, then I wouldn't see any...
    • Preitler
      Preitler replied to the thread Should I get another rabbit?.
      Most easy and likely to succeed would be a neutered male. If she did get along with other rabbits before, i would think she can do that...
    • Preitler
      Preitler reacted to Moonshadow's post in the thread Pain medicine with Like Like.
      Thought I’d give a final update. Min-Min had a check up appointment this past Tuesday for another teeth/jaw check, this was five...
    • Preitler
      I don't stop them from digging. Normally they don't dig on the grass, but undernieth stuff - like under the huches or brushes, and along...
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    • Preitler
      Oh, boy, now for some antidote to that clean and nice stuff :D This is my hutch setup, each picture shows one complex made up by...
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    • Preitler
      Preitler replied to the thread Bunnies ear tips drooping? ):.
      I see this now and then with my rabbits, usually when it's rather warm, I think. If nothing else is off I'm not concerned about it.
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    • Preitler
      Preitler reacted to Cati's post in the thread Prepping for my rabbit getting fixed with Like Like.
      Just an update! Rune was fixed on Wednesday and everything went very smoothly. Confirmed that he is a boy. I made him stay in his cage...
    • Preitler
      One of my does rather consistantly kindles at day 34 or 35, still in the range of "normal".
    • Preitler
      Preitler replied to the thread Should rabbits eat greens?.
      Just because someone has a very strong opinion about something doesn't make him the only one being right. There is that issue though...
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