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No. I like animals a lot and they're very close to my heart, but what i define as "obsession," no. I would never have every single part of my house, posessions and life revolving around animals.
Still, whenever i see a spectacular animal, or like an adorable figurine of them, i like to point it out, even if i wouldn't buy it. I love sharing fun facts about them.
And yes, my room is 75% occupied with my sir's and lady's enclosures, leaving the rest to a reasonably big table, bunk bed, a little cabinet unit and a now-narrow walkway. I am surrounded by the ones i love the most.

Tpbm has/had bonding struggles in any shape way or form, direct or indirect? If yes, how exactly?
My two would fight over food. Fur flying, buns growling, all over a homemade treat (i'm a great bunny chef ;)). I ended up feeding them seperately.

TPBM is waiting for a series to come out
Not a series but a sequel. Some shows that i like are getting second and third seasons soon, i'm eagerly waiting.

Tpbm has reorganized their _____ because of/for _____?
I want every animal.😂 But we aren't allowed to import hamsters into NZ so it would never happen anyway. I have actually never seen a hamster before. XD

TPBM likes to travel.
meh, not really. i like my own bed more than hotels XD
(but if it's great wolf lodge then i'll go lol!)

tpbm has a brother

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