Disability... are we being fair?

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Is it fair to keep him like this?

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Lizzie Wilson

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Dec 11, 2018
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Rugby, UK
Hi everybody,

First time posting here and it’s maybe a deep thread.
I had 4 rabbits, 2 couples. 1 couple has been rocked by death and a sudden disability.
Since May, blue has had health problems. I don’t know much about his background as he is a rescue bun. The most gentle and soft bunny there is. He had a bladder infection that my vets were slow to treat thus leaving him with an engorged bladder almost the size of his large body. They drained it and eventually got the infection under control.
I came home two weeks later and his bunny wife was unexpectedly dead. No warnings, dead.
I couldn’t afford an autopsy after spending almost £1000 on Blues treatment so unknown what had happened.
Ever since then Blue has declined. He now has to drag himself across the floor as his back legs are basically paralysed and has no bladder or tummy control which means daily wiping and creaming of his genitalia.
Our vet shaves his bum and legs so poo doesn’t get matted in and they seem happy with him.
He still eats like a horse, seems genuinely happy to see you but I just feel almost cruel. He panics outside of a cage and just sits there most of the day until you come in and scratch his head.

I am seeking help and advice. Are we doing the right thing? He can’t have a mate so relies on us for company.

I am looking for help in making him comfortable and what I can put down in the cage as if he is incontinent and a towel just stinks after a few hours when we’re at work.

Thank you all


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Nov 9, 2018
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Central Coast CA
Am sorry to hear about Blues health problems and loss of his mate. Am caring right now for a toad who cant walk. Am waiting to see if he is going to improve. To make Blue feel more comfortable might a washable stuffed animal help?


Jenny - Health & Wellness Mod
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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
It really depends a lot you how your bun does with his disability, and if you are able to provide the increased care and attention that it usually takes. It is helpful for them to have a companion so they always have company and you don't feel like you always need to be there, but if this isn't an option then it's just considering how he does alone with the time you do have to spend with him. If he seems fine and happy enough, I would say give it a chance and see how he does.

The peeing thing can be managed usually. For my old disabled rabbit, I had disposable puppy pads spread across the floor of her pen, then in her primary spot where she pretty much always stayed I had a couple layers of cotton towels, covered with vet bed type fleece. The vet bed kept the urine drained away from her body and fur(which kept her pretty dry), the towels soaked up the urine, and the puppy pee pads caught any extra that soaked through. I had to change the towels once or twice a day, and the puppy pee pads I just changed as needed. I had to use the towels because I didn't want to be changing out pee pads all day long, which I would have had to without using the towels. But she also primarily stayed in that one spot and rarely ventured off of it.

Here's a picture of my set up, also check out this link as it has good tips on caring for a disabled rabbit.

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