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  1. B

    My rabbit has recently become paralyzed due to a neurological issue

    My rabbit is 7 years old and I’ve him for 5 years with no issues. 4 weeks ago he became paralyzed in his back legs overnight. The X-ray came back normal and I got sent home with pain medicine. I then went to a new vet and they told me it’s a neurological issue with his spine and his bladder can...
  2. Béatrice04

    Bunny Paralysis

    Hello everyone, My rabbit Luna recently suffered a flystrike in our garden. I found him paralysed and his behind area was infected due to the maggots so we had to treat it. Now regarding the paralysis, he used to have Floppy Rabbit Syndrome, where he would go into shock (due to eating an entire...
  3. LillieCharliee

    Can I help my bunny recover from Paralysis (Parasite)?

    Hey! I'm new here, happy to join the community! :D So, my little lady Charlie caught a parasite last week and now suffers from hind-leg-paralysis. She's being treated for it and so far it's only gotten better so hopefully the parasite will be gone soon! She obviously has a hard time walking...
  4. M

    Please advice!! Bunny limping after neutering

    Thanks in advance for any advice you guys give. I just got my younger bunny neutered today. I brought him home few hours back. He was hiding behind the curtain for a few hours. He is eating and pooping but his one hind leg seems swollen and not moving. He is not able to use it but it doesn't...
  5. L

    My rabbit is not using her hind legs

    Hello everyone I’m looking for advice please for my 7 year old rabbit. In the last few weeks she has not been using her hind legs very much . She quite often shuffles along . She seems quite happy in herself and is eating well. Would you recommend I worm her with Panacur as a precaution ? Also...
  6. G

    One leg paralysed and incontinent after spay

    Hi my daughters bunny midnight is 5 months old and lives in a run in her bedroom. She is jet black, friendly, cuddly and used to do the cutest mid air bum wiggle when she jumped. Last Friday she was spayed and had been left with her right hind leg paralysed and is incontinent. The first few...
  7. Binkyed

    When is the right time for the unbearable?

    Our dear sweet 4 yo blue Flemish Giant had a tumor appear suddenly in November. Before the surgery they found another tumor on her back leg. They removed the rumors and she lost 3 pounds in one day. They biopsied the tumors which proved to be malignant. They consulted with U Penn exotics - they...
  8. Lizzie Wilson

    Disability... are we being fair?

    Hi everybody, First time posting here and it’s maybe a deep thread. I had 4 rabbits, 2 couples. 1 couple has been rocked by death and a sudden disability. Since May, blue has had health problems. I don’t know much about his background as he is a rescue bun. The most gentle and soft bunny...
  9. ollie1115

    Olive has a droopy upper lip :(

    So about 3 weeks ago my holland lop, Olive who is 5 years old ran up to me and immediately when she looked up at me I could see the asymmetry in her face. It appeared to be only effecting her upper lip area. At first I thought it was swollen, but upon further inspection I believe it to be more...