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Talked to the vet again, they said he was munching on a lettuce and has Priscilla with him (lol), but he is a little bit more sleepy than they'd like still so I opted for them to keep him overnight, just in case. Plus it gives me time to get his area all cleaned up and prepared for him. :) Will update everyone tomorrow!
He’s home! Have some minor swelling on one side (not the tumor side, ironically) so will be working from home today to keep an eye on him and try to get some warm compresses in (vet recommended).
I probably won’t be getting much work done. 😂 He’s munching on some hay now and just pooped too! Right in the litter box may I add! 😄


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First round of meds done! Wasn’t that bad once I burrito’d him, although I did get a couple thumps lol. He’s very forgiving though and was lapping up some pets and cuddles after! He also got a little bit of apple for being such a good boy.

The swelling looks good, a little purple today but no angry redness or bleeding. It’s just a little bit on his non-tumor side. I did manage to get him on the heat pad by rigging up a little cardboard box, then putting his fleece down in it and a towel over top, with the heat pad in between those. It’s where his dig box usually goes, but he won’t be getting that back until he’s all healed up. For some reason he LOVES to sleep in Carefresh so I spread some of that on top and he plopped right down (he never pees in this spot, only around/in his litter box, he just loves sleeping in the paper litter for some reason - he digs in it and makes a circle in the middle to plop down). Of course, I was monitoring the entire time. 😊 I ran the wire outside of the cage and under the huge mat I have for his cage so he can’t get to it, either. If it’s not in use I keep it unplugged, too.

His energy came right back a couple hours after being home, went right back to buzzing around happily. He can’t wait to be off cage rest!


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The meds the vet gave me were metacam for five days, some antibiotic I can't remember the name of that starts with an E for seven days, and a gut motility drug just in case I need it. :) They're really amazing vets - Nautilus Avian and Exotics in Brick, NJ, Dr. Applegate and Dr. Mosley. Absolutely fantastic, I knew the second I saw them he was in the best hands possible.
Kindly apply lots of kisses. Very beneficial to give a thumbs up on the DVM clinic you had for his neutralization (neuter) surgery!

@itsronni , Bucky is so lucky to have your love!
@TreasuredFriend I gave him plenty of kisses and pats this morning for taking his meds. 😍 I hate giving my animals meds, I feel so terrible afterwards. I remember when my parrot got sick, I'd end up in tears every time! Even trying to clip nails - I cry, lol. Bucky's much easier, but he still hates it. :( It's just one bad week I keep reminding myself, and afterwards he'll be better than ever!

The good news is that his appetite is absolutely fantastic, and he's been back to his normal energy levels (still on cage rest though!). Super cuddly since he's been back too, he missed home! The swelling looked good today too, looks like its going down. :D

I cannot wait for Wednesday - his last day of meds!

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