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Feb 1, 2023
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Howell, NJ
Hey all! Figured I’d move here now that I have him so I can update without spamming the general discussion. 😄

He’s been settling in well! For the first couple days he was a bit stressed, of course, and I did hear a couple teeth grinds from him. He stopped doing it yesterday morning, but I’ll be setting up a vet appointment for him today to get him seen, hopefully within the next couple weeks. My stepdad did not pick him up properly (he scruffed him 😡), and I’m wondering if he was sore from that. Regardless, with his age, history, and the importance of annual (maybe even bi-annual with his age) vet visits is at the forefront of my mind. Thank the universe I finally have a good job again and these bills will be no problem for me!

His appetite is great and he’s been using his litter box, which I was surprised since he is unfortunately in tact. I’ll speak to the vet about it, but since he’s 8+ years old I know it would be an extreme risk, so I doubt anything can be done at this point.

Oh - and I do notice cataract development. So he definitely needs a good vet asap.

Yesterday night, he was back to buzzing at me and very curious! Here he is loafed out in his new digs.


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On my lunch break now to give him and Beepers (my green cheek conure) some lovin’, and Bucky bent his head down for me to pet him for the first time!!! ❤️
Here he is hanging in his litterbox. He’s super comfortable with me and will just hang out and groom himself, or if he starts buzzing it usually means he wants to sniff my face! Haha. He is just so cute. I love older animals so much!!!78ACA5AE-2BA9-429D-AC6A-33047ACAF5F0.jpeg
He devoured his breakfast greens again this morning, and we spent last night laying down next to each other. I really enjoy just relaxing around him on my phone or whatever and letting him do his thing.
I’ve also ordered a larger litter box and another washable absorbent pad for underneath. He’s really much cleaner than I expected though, he only pees either in or around his litter box. Don’t mind if he poops all over since it’s so easy to clean compared to my birds!!
Here’s my new favorite pic of him from last night.
Thanks for reading all!! I’m enjoying documenting Bucky and I’s new adventure together.


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@Nancy McClelland he also likes to lay in his and munch on his hay, I have his rack setup right next to the litterbox. :)

I cleaned his litter pan this morning and thought I could get away with not clipping it to his pen, since I thought he wouldn't bother it much. I came back ten minutes later and he'd already thrown it into the middle of the pen! Lol! Love how smart he is!
Adorable little guy 🥰 I'm glad he's made the transition so easily. That's not always the case with an older bun used to living a certain way for so long. He's definitely hit the lottery here with you ❤️
@JBun thank you so much, your comment made me smile really hard. He’s been such a joy to have around.
He loves getting his free roam time, and even buzzed for my boyfriend today! Haha the bf was sooo happy to get some bunny love!
I feel like I’VE hit the lottery. 😊 ❤️
He looks so happy.
Mature animals of any kind realise when they have a caring person in their lives.
You and your bf are just that.
He knows this just from the energy you radiate towards him.
Give him a hug from Bluebell and I.
@Hayley1964 I agree, they know much more than most people think. 😊
I’ll definitely give him some extra loving for you guys!
About to go to sleep now, but earlier I was laying on my stomach in his room and he came up and stretched out right next to me! We were almost spooning LOL. He melts my heart! ❤️
Hey everybody!
Just had a tornado here. Thought I left this stuff in the midwest! Everybody’s fine, my bf is jokingly mad because I went for Beepers and Bucky first, lol!!! Only once they were safe did I make sure my humans were too, haha.

Bucky has been great! I’ve left a message for the vet to get him in for a check-up soon. His appetite is great, and getting even better every day with his new run times! Also, he’s starting to love nose rubs. I got some tooth purrs today!!

With that, I am BEAT. Goodnight everybody, and if anybody is in NJ stay safe!


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@itsronni - thank you for the pictures!

I understand about vet costs, yet our furry family members can appreciate that we care and want to keep them in good health.

Kindly keep us posted on reports, or more images when time avails. Much love to Bucky and Beepers.

p.s. we make sure each bun area has k/cabs to quickly get them to a safe spot should we hear the tornado sirens or receive alerts. I feel for the families who were in the tornados destructive path.
Good morning! More cute pictures!

Bucky is VERY punctual - if breakfast or dinner is late I get the thumps. Sometimes we’ll “argue” and thump back and forth LOL. He’s such a lover, though, he purrs for his nose rubs now and likes to be brushed. Only for me, though, of course. ;) He flicked off my MIL when she tried to pet him! Hahaha.

The second pic is him mid-buzz and right before he charged at me for nose nudges and eskimo kisses, haha.


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Question - do you guys think some very very small agility courses would be good for him? Being stuck in a hutch for ten years hasn't done his jumping any good, and I was wondering if I could put some broomsticks or something on the floor for him to just hop over and work on his muscles a bit? Nothing too crazy, I don't expect him to be hopping on the bed ever! Just wondering how I can keep him happy and healthy...

Also, he has very large... um, family jewels... Well... ONE family jewel. My stepdad neutered him (very horrible method he used, will not go into it, though I'm sure you all know what the farmers do :mad:) when he was a kit, but only one testicle was actually removed. He still appears to have the "remnants" of the other, but I'm honestly not well-versed on rabbit testicles, ha. I have the vet appt on Thursday, and they're aware. It doesn't FEEL cancerous (ugh... the things we do for the ones we love! LOL), soft etc. but it's LARGE. I've avoided speaking about it because I hate speculating online, and would rather get an actual diagnosis from the vet, but I am worried. He's not in pain at all, appetite is great, and he loves to run around, so I'm telling myself he's probably okay. If it IS cancer... hopefully it didn't spread and it would make him a candidate for a full neuter... then I could possibly get him a wifebun. I would LOVE to get him an older REW, since many of his siblings were REW. I wouldn't be very picky though, just would prefer an older bun since the younger ones get adopted quickly anyways.

My best case scenario guess is his one his so large to make up for the lack of the other... but again, I hate speculating. But I do want to keep you guys updated on everything.

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