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  1. itsronni

    Bucky’s Golden Years

    Hey all! Figured I’d move here now that I have him so I can update without spamming the general discussion. 😄 He’s been settling in well! For the first couple days he was a bit stressed, of course, and I did hear a couple teeth grinds from him. He stopped doing it yesterday morning, but I’ll be...
  2. LavenderLopLover

    What age is Junior Rabbits(Holland Lops)

    I'm new to rabbits i know that a senior is over 6 months and a junior is under 6 months but what age do they become a junior exactly?
  3. D

    Crypthorchid male rabbit with possible testicular cancer

    Hi all, I have an 8ish year old crypthorchid male bunny and he wasn't feeling too well over the weekend and was taken to the vet this morning for a check as I suspected he was having a bout of gi stasis, and besides the heat stroke he apparently had (and was treated for and doing much better...
  4. Oogiebearbun

    Desperate senior bun mom

    Hi all, this is my first time posting on this site. I hope I am doing this correctly. I have a 10 year old Dutch female rabbit. These past 3 years have wracked up 15,000 dollars in vet bills due to health issues. First off I want to say, this is my first rabbit and I do not have any rabbit...