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Oct 9, 2013
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Des Moines, IA
-Snow / Snowball / Snowflake
-Bugs / Lola

Okay, I personally haven't, haha. But every time I'm browsing for a new rabbit I find 600 with one of those names. Can we all make a pact not to use those anymore? LOL, did I miss any?
Hmmm my Cockatoos name is Lola, but she came with that name, but still knew many many other animals with that name.
And 2 Birds with the name Snowflake. Only 1/2 did I name. Never a rabbit with those names.

How about some others that are repeated... A LOT?

Coco seems common
Pip (or a variation of that...)
Hopper or something with Hop?
Bun... or something with Bun?
Stuff with Flowers in the name

You should check out the rabbit registry and sort by name "Title" youll see lots of names used a lot haha
oh god yes the puns on hop and bun HAHA!

Midnight, Luna, anything that applies to a black cat I've seen on black rabbits at least as many times.

TBH I do have a soft spot for "Thumper" :p
I did have a foster named Thumper, but I didn't name her. She was a bit older, so kept her name.

I do try to be more original with my rabbit names. The name usually means something to me. Even if it might be a more common name, it could mean something different to me.
There seem to be three (I think?) buns on here, including one of my own, named "Merlin". Seems odd that it'd be a common bun name, but there ya go :p
I'm surprised by the number of people who don't change their pet's name when they adopt an older one

Can Peter still keep his name or do we have to change it? We had a dog nicknamed "Bugs" but that was because she kept getting fleas.

PETER! I almost forgot about Peter rabbit
My rabbits name is Ash. I like rare names for bunnies, I've only seen one rabbit named Ash on here but he was posted in the Rainbow Bridge. :(
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I had a Bunny Foo Foo. We all called her Foo for short. It was a very cliche bunny name, but she was a very unique bunny!

Now, I have an Elvira! Not so cliche!

I also have a cat named Smokey, she's not black, but a gray torti. I didn't name her though, she came to me named. I have a cat named Cali, she a torti/tabby combo, so not really a calico. And I have a cat named Smedley Patoots, yep, you can NEVER beat a cat named Smedley Patoots! LOL

My chickens are all named Big-whatever color- after their father, who is Big Boy. So I have Big White, Big Blue, Big Black, Bluebelle(the hen) and Demon, the runty rooster with the black eye. LOL

And my Dingo is named Woody. So some of my animals have cliche names and some of them don't.
My mom has a choco long haired Chihuahua named Jack Paul Anka. His full name. LOL
I've had snow, snowflake, and snowball!
i am gonna name one of my babies thumper.
There seem to be three (I think?) buns on here, including one of my own, named "Merlin". Seems odd that it'd be a common bun name, but there ya go :p

Lol my holland lop is named blooming angels merlin the great aka merlin I was surprised to fid that It is a common name lol I just named him after my friend in Germany :)

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How did I forget foo? I know a girl (personally) who's rabbit is named foo foo XD

omg you've had everything LOL