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I have both, Thumper and Snowball. My child named them, and I guess she wasn't very creative (she was 7yo). We just had to change Thumper's name a little, as we thought she was a boy when she was named :)
I have both, Thumper and Snowball. My child named them, and I guess she wasn't very creative (she was 7yo). We just had to change Thumper's name a little, as we thought she was a boy when she was named :)

When I was 7, I definitely had a gold fish named.......... you can probably guess LOL!
My Polish rabbit is named Mason. His show name is E&SOaks Achilles. Atleast not a number like his parents and some grandparents.
Guilty.. I had a Cinnabun! Unfortunately we only had him for three weeks :( he was just a baby.

I also had a lady slipper, speedy, chunky and the love of my life: Oliver! (Ollie for short)

I currently have Louie :)ImageUploadedByRabbit Forum1383137233.713773.jpg I typically call him "booty boo whittle snuggles" lol

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I once named one Fluffy, but the bunny I have now is named Akira. I think my creativity in regards to naming has improved.
I have one named Thumper. She's a beautiful black Mini Rex with a Vienna mark. (White nose and blue eyes) I got her when she was three. I kept the name. She'll be 10 in March and she's very healthy. She has a wonderful personality, is very loving and I love her dearly.
My buns name is natsu which sounds creative but it just means summer (because I got her in the summer time). However I have a bird named buddy and personally know at least 4 other people with pets named buddy. I also have a dog named holly which seems common
The first bunny I ever had was a little black bun I named Reaper as in Grimm.

Thumper...what can I say. I think we had him almost two weeks and still hadn't come up with a suitable name. Hubby suggested it saying he does look like Thumper and he certainly is as sweet as Thumper.

Laverne and Shirley...just popped into my head one day and fits. Not sure how many people here even remember the tv show.

A dog named Big Redd as in the gum. He was given that name at the shelter and it fit him. I like the gum and so we kept it although I doubt I would have if it had been Big Red.

A cat named Momma...yes she had kittens. Her other name is Funny Face because when hubby first saw her as a kitten he says she was ugly and he thought she was a rat at first.

Isabelle...was named that by her previous owners.

Cloud and Pepper...those were given them by the kids but they are a lot better than the pet names the kids used to pick. Not to mention they used to want to change the pets names on a weekly basis.

We have had fish and newts and every pet has been given a name.
What about little kids nameing rabbits after watching Treehouse? I have had neighbours that have named one rabbit...Rabbit (Winnie the poo and Franklin), Ruby (Max and Ruby), Peter (Peter Rabbit), Lucky (somewhere), and because they are young, Fluffy, Ami, Furby, Mine, Whiskers, and You. These are legitimate names... Poor rabbits.
My new rabbit came with the name Thumper... but it had to go, lol - doesn't suit him at ALL. I've never once heard him thump (as opposed to my girls who thump if you so much as look at them).

The people in an apartment near mine have a little yippie dog named Barky. Pretty sure they let their little girl name him. She's got a point, that dog DOES bark his little butt off all the time >.>
I have only had one bun. His name was Shadow when I adopted him, but we quickly changed it to Stache(he has half of a mustache). I have a chocolate lab named Lilly Bear, a black lab named Bubba, two cats Tonks and Ollivander(Ollie), 3 guinea pig sows-Applesauce, Henrietta Edith (Edie), and Daphne and two new rescue guinea pig boars-Henry Edison (Henners), and Wee Nut.

Past pets: guinea pigs: Gertrude(Gertie), Belle, Wilbur, Spike.
Cats: Oscar(found in a trash can), Weebull, Amity, Churchill.
Dog: Midnight Angel (Middy)
My first rabbit was Bandit, which I'm surprised hasn't come up already. My current girl is Pandora but she came with the name. I challenge anyone to find another rabbit called Schatje-Oren though... lol
Guilty...I have a SNOWY who I call Snooby, Houdini who I call Houdini and Bandido who's called Bandy. My first rabbit was called Bubbles. We also had a boxer called Duke, my brother in law who bought him was a fan of John Wayne and his pedigree name was Templedorf Maharajah, I loved that name. My own dog was Brandy, we has a cat called Mitsubishi and a guinea pig called Cola. We had quite a few budgies...Joey, Billy, Tina Fred. Think that's all lol.
She was a Smoke Pearl, with the dark grey face mask and white rings around her eyes ;)
I have Lewis and Clark...and if I ever get a new rabbit(if it's a guy)I plan to name him Sir Harry Finnegan Maximus Alfred III

...don't question me XD

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