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  1. H

    Bun eating less but is active

    Hello! I'm new to this forum stuff so I hope this thread gets posted lol. So, two days ago, I came back from a trip for five days and got my 10 month old bun from my friend's house. Since we came back, he hasn't eaten his pellets at all. He drinks less water and poops a lot less (his recent...
  2. R

    Shedding and acting different

    My rabbit is currently shedding and she obviously is hating me when I try to brush her (she’s only 4.5 months old) but normally she is very active and playing but now she sits in one spot and plays here and there. She’s eating normal and pooping normal but I’m curious if this is normal when a...
  3. Gelly

    Mini Rex Grooming?

    Curious how folks groom their rex rabbits. I've heard their skin or fur is sensitive so I'm really not sure what to use...
  4. bri <3

    molting + disgestion problems

    hi everybody! i have a 6 month old rabbit and she is currently shedding. 2 weeks ago, she had an upset stomach and was gassy, it scared the life out of me because she wasn’t eating and drinking from the pain. i gave her pineapple juice + baby gas drops and she was back to normal eating again...
  5. Laura stone

    Excessive molting

    hi everyone, I’ve got 5 bunnies that are molting like crazy at the minute. 4 of them are between 5 and 8 months old and I have a 5 year old too who seems To be shedding quite a bit too. Is it due to this time of year or their ages? If so how long will it last... my boyfriend cannot come into...
  6. S

    Rabbit Barbering

    I have a spayed female rabbit that is BLOWING out her fur, but we noticed that she has patches of barbered fur. She is a rescue, and still not comfortable with being handled. We have caught her two times now to do serious brushing and plucking, but are slowly getting her comfortable with gentle...
  7. baobeithebuns

    has your bunny completely changed colour?

    meet totoro, he is a siamese sable lionhead buck! he is not mine, but i do follow him on instagram: @nimbus_and_totoro i am fascinated with bunnies changing colour.. i personally love the surprise! i have a lionhead and a holland lop, my lop is moulting and her fur is almost coming back a...

    Fur mites? I’m really worried

    My bunny has been itching his skin and ears (mostly ears & shaking head) for a few weeks but the vet said it was nothing cause he didn’t have brown crust or any other visible sign. In the past few days I’ve been seeing some suspicious dandruff looking flakes on his fur (sometimes on forehead or...
  9. DmitriBunny

    Unusual Shedding?

    I have two bunnies, both Holland Lops, but one is a chestnut agouti and the other is white with some broken light brown patches. I've noticed when brushing their coats that my white rabbit sheds a lot more hair than my chestnut rabbit. Not huge visible patches, but I'll brush her and I get huge...