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Jan 19, 2019
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My bunny has been itching his skin and ears (mostly ears & shaking head) for a few weeks but the vet said it was nothing cause he didn’t have brown crust or any other visible sign. In the past few days I’ve been seeing some suspicious dandruff looking flakes on his fur (sometimes on forehead or nape of ears). I’ve seen maybe 2/3 of them a day and I usually try to remove them but I think it could be the beginning of a Cheyletiella -fur mites infestation ??
The thing that really Made me worried is I just found out he shed a thin clump of hair that I think has a tiny piece of skin connected to it, but it’s also the only one I’ve seen and he’s just starting to shed his baby coat (he’s 4 months old) so Idk IS IT MITES IS IT JUST ME BEING PARANOID uGh
*forgot to mention the weather here’s pretty dry right now but idk if that’s related. AND he hasn’t come in contact with any other bunnies since four months ago when he didn’t show any symptoms
Also I’m super worried but can’t really afford to take him to the vet again right now because it costs a lot and we only went last week. I’ll have to take him of course if you guys say it’s mites but I was hoping to maybe get an answer here first. Thank you in advance!


Jenny - Health & Wellness Mod
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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
If there is only a little dandruff and he's not scratching excessively, he could just be shedding his baby coat and that is causing a bit of dandruff and itchiness. If the dandruff increases and he seems to be scratching excessively, then I would probably go ahead and treat for mites. If you have Revolution/Stronghold(selamectin) topical application and it's an otc product in your country(no rx required), then that is what I would use to treat the possible mites. Ivermectin is the other product usually used. In some countries it is available otc as Xeno 450 topical for rabbits and other small animals.
http://wildpro.twycrosszoo.org/S/00dis/Parasitic/Cheyletiellosis.htm (dosing info for selamectin)

You can look at the pictures in this link to compare what you are seeing with your rabbit, to an actual case of fur mites.

If you do end up needing to go to the vet again and your current vet isn't an experienced rabbit vet, try this list for one. The vet should be able to do a skin scrape to see if your rabbit has mites or not(though that's not always definitive).

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