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  1. T

    Hard bumps on rabbits back

    Hi I’m new to this site and I needed some help as I can’t find anything online about what my bunny has. My little girl is 8 weeks and I noticed she has quite a few hard bumps on her back that are under her skin. It like bone but it’s very sharp and I know it’s not her bones. There are two or...
  2. jamsbuns


    What is this?
  3. Lois south

    Scab on back

    Guys I just found a scab on my indoor rabbits back. A week ago the vet said he has fleas and hes on a course of this ointment thing for it. His nails are also getting long and he would let me touch them so I'm taking him to have them done next week. I have no idea what could have caused the...
  4. S

    Help! New Mamma of Neutered Rabbit

    Hi guys, I’m new on here as well as a new mom to a beautiful 1 yr and 1 month old dwarf rabbit. I took Binx in to get neutered yesterday and he started eating and drinking water like normal right after and his poop is normal as well. Butttt. He won’t really let us look at the incision site so...
  5. M

    Please help Mamma Joe joe :(

    hello, my bunnies name is Mamma joe joe. She is a black Rex. She is around 5 years old. She has developed a bald spot with some scabbing around the back of her neck. I thought it may be mites. But there is no dandruff type stuff. Any ideas. I’m making an appointment on Friday. But would love to...
  6. B

    Health concerns with Lionshead rabbit

    this is the first time I’ve ever used this forum so this might not make much sense but I have a Lionshead rabbit (female) who is a little over a year old that we took in from a family who wasn’t moving and could no longer care for her about 3 months ago. About two weeks ago I discovered a scab...
  7. Theodore Leonardo

    Flaky, dandruff like lumps on bunny's back

    So as we all know it's malting season right now, and Theo is quite the malter... but as I was grooming him the other day I felt a lump on his skin and on further inspection found a crusty patch amongst the fur. I assumed it must just be a patch of tangled fur and thought nothing of it, but I...