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  1. LolaE

    Methods to contain hay (allergies!) - hooded litter box?

    Hello everyone! I'm very allergic to hay, so I'm trying to think of how to minimise the hay in the air in my house. I have two little inside bunnies (and they can't live outside--it's too cold! Plus, I like having them indoors with me. :) ). What I've been doing for the last year or so is...
  2. GertieP

    New bunny poop question

    Rocco is our first rabbit so we are learning it all from scratch. Glad we found this forum! He is about 2 years old and the vet we took him to when we first got him in early Dec (he was a rescue) said he appeared healthy. He did have one episode of gut stasis which we were able to resolve with...
  3. Morchall

    Rabbit respiratory problems?

    My giant papillon Gus has some problems! (I put an * next to questions I have.) Every few months or so, he starts getting wet eyes, and starts scratching them a lot. Sometimes it even leads to him getting sores around his eyes because he won't leave them alone. He also starts getting sneezing...
  4. Katie94

    Which is better for rabbits timothy or meadow hay.

    I’m confused which hay I should get for my rabbits. I’m changing hay supplier and have a choice between the two, I don’t really know if one is better than the other. I tried them with a sample of both and they ate both and were probably more keen on the meadow hay. I’m unsure which would be best...
  5. A

    Can this be dangerous?

    Hello, yesterday I noticed all over my bunny's area these little bugs. there were like tons of them, I killed most of them but today I still notice them on furniture, walls etc... They don't sit on rabbit or bite it nor me, they just... live. I am wondering if this can be fron hay from local...
  6. Haru the Lionhead

    Litter box

    How do you guys set up your litter box?i saw a video and they said i can put a pee pad and hay over it and that’s it, and I’ve been doing that and it works fine. Today i saw a video of someone cleaning the litter box, it was the same, pee pad and hay, but the hay was on one side and the pee and...
  7. Haru the Lionhead

    what brand should i get?

    Hello guys, ever since i got haru I’ve been looking for the best hay I could find. The first one I don’t remember the brand name but it was VERY dusty, and after that I’ve been buying burgess excel, I tried the long stem one, the one with dandelion, and another one I also forgot what it was, I...
  8. Haru the Lionhead

    Hay fever

    Is it okay if i wash the hay and let it dry before feeding it to my bunny¿ she used to sneeze alot and when I started washing it the sneezing stopped but I didn’t know if it was safe or not.
  9. C

    Hay Brand

    Has anyone ever ordered from Small Pet Select? I was considering their Timothy hay since I hear such good reviews. I’m currently using oxbow but it’s usually a hit or miss with their quality (with the hay I’m receiving at least) Rabbit Products
  10. B

    Should i cover my rabbits playpen

    Should I cover my rabbits playpen at night 🌉
  11. B

    Hypoglycemia possibly leading to blindness in my English Lop

    Hello All, Just joined this site hoping to find some advise. My wife and I recently purchased a English Lop we named Joey from a reputable breeder that we have bought bunnies from before. We have 1 other English Lop and a French Lop as well. Joey has had a rough life so far as his mother passed...
  12. R

    Rabbit refuses to eat hay

    My rabbit used to eat hay, but now she simply refuses to eat it. There is always unlimited amounts of hay ( the same one she used to eat when she was younger) in her place, but she doesn't seem to be eating anything of it at all. I give her pellets at 6:00pm , and at night i leave her to eat...
  13. cosmoluna

    really small droppings and won’t eat breakfast

    Hello everyone. I posted a thread yesterday asking about which digestive supplements might help my bunnies but got no answers. Today has been about the same as yesterday, with my buns both eating hay and greens. They will eat compressed hay bales, oxbow digestive health supplement, and greens...
  14. cosmoluna

    Best Digestive Support Suplement?

    Hi everyone! For the past few days my buns have both randomly had very small droppings and don’t want to eat much early in the mornings. They eat hay and fresh veggies in the afternoon and evening perfectly fine, and are drinking water. They also act very normal and have been more active...
  15. emmaskye

    Litter training

    Is it ok if I take my 8 week old bunny’s pellets away for awhile to encourage her to use her litter box for litter training (it is filled with alfalfa hay)
  16. Z

    Bunny ate a lot of pellets and alfalfa?

    My 2 y.o. bun is an outside rabbit and last night we had a really windy night. It knocked over the alfalfa box and the bag of pellets and I guess she had the night of her life eating as much as she could. She normally gets only a few pellets every day (around 10g I guess) and a handful of...
  17. JVL

    Type of hay for Rabbits

    I had read very clearly they should be eating Timothy hay from Oxbow, which they ate okay, but my Lionhead mix (snowball)didn't eat it as much as the Lop(thelma). I switched to a Timothy meadow hay from Oxbow and they both eat it like crazy. I know Alfalfa is a no, but is this kind good...
  18. cassjane

    Finicky Hay Eater

    Kyle is a little over 4 mos. and has been eating mainly Alfalfa hay & young rabbit pellets, I’ve just recently started mixing in some Timothy hay with the Alfalfa. He’s gotten picky and wasteful with his hay. He loves the dried leaf-like crumbs of the alfalfa, but leaves behind the actual...
  19. cookiebun

    Bun won't foods he used to like after illness. No water either.

    Ok, I'm stumped. My rabbit was ill nearly two weeks ago. He ate a bunch of graham crackers that he shouldn't have and they upset his stomach. We took him to the vet and he was x-rayed, examined and prescribed pain killers. Now he seems almost totally normal except he will not eat his pellets or...
  20. xbject


    I made a big mistake when I bought her, I never fed her hay. I bought her when she was a baby from a flea market and the breeder never said anything about hay, I also didn't do much research at the time. Trust me, I know now. She is 5 years old and honestly I have no clue how she's survived this...