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  1. Kat Lust

    Safe for My 3 Month Old Bunnies to Eat Timothy Hay?

    Hello everyone, Recently, I have been a bit concerned about the diet my rabbits have. I have heard that for young rabbits up until 7 months old or so, are supposed to eat Alfalfa Hay, as it is the best for their growth and health. I have two 3 month old bunnies, and I have had them for a bit...
  2. A

    My bunny will not eat hay!!

    I rescued my bunny when she was around 6-7 weeks old. i fed her alfalfa hay for 1-2 months. I switched her to timothy hay and everything was fine until recently. she won’t eat any hay. AT ALL! i don’t know what i should do to get her to eat Timothy hay. please help! Thanks :)
  3. F

    Grain feeding

    Hi, this is my first post here. Hope I can get some info about feeding in alternative circumstances. I live in a very remote area. I grow our own food but this is currently limited and trips to the shops are few and far between. I have 2 house rabbits. The male is larger and has had dental...
  4. B

    Buying hay

    Hello! I've had my sweet boy, Ocean, for a year now of whom eats so much grass and the grass! Omg! It gets expensive! I currently buy him 10lbs bale online which lasts him 2 weeks but the chance that it's a good bale is such a gamble. Often I receive old, burnt, dry grass that would be cruel to...
  5. Floyd2019

    Teardrop shaped pellets? Photo attached!!

    My rabbit was sick for a long time so I would normally consider these very healthy poops compared to what his poops used to be not long ago. BUT i have read things that say teardrop poo isn't great? He eats tons of hay all day. They are all uniform in size as well ‍♀️ just wondering what...
  6. S


    Short summary: Rabbit doesnt eat hay doesn't drink water、doesnt play with toys、outside in cage 24/7、parents have only raised rabbits for food before Hello! I really need advice, my friend is very stressed about her rabbit. She really cares for him and wants him to be happy but her parents don't...
  7. Breezekoz

    Hates Hay Rack!

    Hello Everyone! I have a bunny that I adopted in July, I made him a hay rack just like the one I have for my lop. My lop I got as a baby and he has had no issues with his hay rack. I had no issues with my new rabbit eating out of his hay rack either. However, he started trying to take it off...
  8. button+banjo

    Help me figure out why my rabbits are STILL producing excess cecotropes

    I have two bonded Holland Lop brothers that live on my front porch, and have been having problems with them leaving cecotropes around. I addressed this last month (see this thread)...
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