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Jan 19, 2023
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About 4 days ago my rabbit Bambi passed away. She was my emotional support animal, if I had a panick attack, anxiety or anything going on she would help me. Last Saturday she started acting weird I could tell her stomach hurt so I gave her what I could to help her the next day she looked better but I was like I’m not taking a chance I’m taking her to the vet…(keep in mind I’m a vet student) so I bring her to the best pet hospital in my area and they tell me they don’t know what she has but she has a stomach ache… they ask me if they can hospitalize her and I said no I wasn’t paying 200$ for her to spend the night there when I’m studying this and can do it myself and she won’t be stressed with me. So they take her vitals and they are perfectly fine I ask them for an x ray they said they don’t think we need one so they won’t do it. Then she tells me she’s going to give my rabbits a painkiller and prescribe some stuff for her at home. She comes back with my rabbit after doing all of that and I tell her « do I give her those meds tonight or tmrw and continue giving them every day » she said « tonight and every day after until she’s good » and I’m like ok if she says that’s what I should do I will and she’ll be fine so I but everything and I bring her home as soon as she gets home I realize her breathing is different her personality is different and she looks sedated. So I look at my bill to see what kind of meds she gave her and she gave her morphine I was a bit put off by that because she wasn’t very very sick she was still eating and drinking. So I continue on checking on her and about an hour later she’s like falling asleep in the weirdest way and I try to feed her she won’t so I try to give her some critical care and water with a seringue and she’s so out of it that she won’t swallow or chew or anything she would just fall asleep in my arms. So I decide to leave her alone for while and read up on the drugs she gave her and apparently it slows down her digestive system and her heart beat so I’m freaking out at this point wondering why she gave her that and then my rabbit starts acting supper weird she’s like falling asleep then waking up sprinting then falling asleep then freaking out so I pick her up and try to comfort her but as soon as I do that she calms down and she falls on her side screams and becomes limp I called for my mother and she came right away she heard a heartbeat and so did I we wait a couple minutes and the heartbeat is gone and her breathing… now I feel empty, anxious and just off I feel like I lost my best friend/ soulmate and I don’t know how to cope with this feeling. She was the only one I actually cared for and now I’m broken. I’m sorry for ranting I just don’t know who to talk to about this it’s like they don’t get it. How do I feel better idk?
In memory of my beautiful baby girl Bambi 2019-2023


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May 6, 2021
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I’m sorry for ranting I just don’t know who to talk to about this it’s like they don’t get it.

Hello Bambi&munchkin

AWW this is so hard......
My heart goes out to you and I´m so, so sorry for your loss. I know that I speak for all of us in here that this is a "Bonnie Parent we´re here for you no shame zone". Please feel free to share all about your beautiful Bambi girl.

As for me my dear Bonnie Friends will always be a part of me and frankly if we can ´t share precious memories or anything else that we need to share with people who do understand then sadly they´ll die twice...

You´re in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!
Nov 19, 2020
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Westchester Co, NY
I'm so so sorry 😔.

I can't speak to veterinary care, but in terms of coping with loss I often organize shivas for friends who have lost dear pets. That's the Jewish ritual for comforting the bereaved and it really just means that your friends come around in the evenings to keep you company for a time. If you think it might help you, you just ask a close friend to send out word to others that you're close to.

Sending you lots of ❤️ at this difficult time.
Dec 2, 2022
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I am so sorry for your loss of Bambi; your soulmate, I truly understand as my Minx is my therapy bunny as well when I lost my husband 15 months ago. I feel your pain and you will be in our hearts. I can’t imagine life without her. We stand with you friend as you grieve your precious friend and soulmate,


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Dec 8, 2006
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Kindness Matters - Waukesha, WI, ,
I hope you find out everything that they gave your soulmate. I extend my sympathies. My bunnies are emotional support companions, also.

Buprenorphine is occasionally given to one of our sanctuary buns to ease a dire medical situation and help with pan control. I have never experienced a reaction like you have with Bambi. The DVM I trust will say the buprenorphine makes a bun drowsy. Our boy had severe cecum gas when the vet suggested the buprenorphine injection.

I insist on staying with our rabbits when at all possible. Like you, I am leery of overnight hospitalization unless it is a critical matter. For the past 20 years, none of our buns had to be hospitalized overnight at the DVM clinic I trust.

Our soulmates - or in my case any of the sanctuary crew we have - leave an immense hole in my heart. They all have unique personalities. And some bond with you as persistent kissers and emotional support or therapy companions.

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