bald patch

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  1. Leaf823

    Bonding - Grooming Too Much??

    I am in the process of bonding my two rabbits. An older female and a younger male. The male is fixed and the female is not. The bonding has been going well so far however, when the younger male grooms my older female he seems to be pulling too hard. I noticed this after I saw the female had a...
  2. C


    My rabbit has some bald spots that wont go away. Her skin is flaky in those areas and the flakes come off with her fur that is newly grown. All the vets I've met tell me she's ok. Also in the last days her eyes started leaking. Anyone know what it could be??
  3. Lilpooper

    Bald patch

    I have had my baby Jameson for just about a month. On Thursday he will be 3 months old. He is a little polish dwarf. Tonight while playing I noticed a bald patch on his back. It is not flakey at all and I haven’t noticed him chewing or scratching that area. I have read about mites being...
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