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  1. Mileybun

    Jaw abscess?

    So Miley has a long history of dental disease due to genetic malocclusion of her molars. She has had osteomyelitis in her jaw in the past, but has healed well and the bone has recovered. Her teeth above the gum line are now no trouble as the growth of her teeth has slowed dramatically. Below the...
  2. B

    Teeth grinding?

    Hi so my rabbit currently has an abscess I went to the vet they think it’s just an infection and she’s been taking antibiotics and anti inflammatory ever since. It’s been 2 days but today she started grinding her teeth. Not constantly but like clicking noises and the same noise she makes when...
  3. D

    Abscess under jaw

    Hi All We recently found abscess under my rabbit's jaw. We are having lockdown and are arranging to have Vet house visit next week. While we are waiting for the Vet to come, is there any alternative treatment that I can give him? here's his photo when the groomer checked his abscess today.
  4. Haru the Lionhead


    HELP!! The vet said it’s just a wound and it will heal, she keeps biting it. I showed the picture to someone that has a rabbit and told her that when I touch her back I still feel like there’s a bump but when I look at it it doesn’t look infected or anything, it’s just the wound, there is no...
  5. N

    Rabbit abscess just won’t go away

    My rabbit Alfalfa has a jaw abscess on the right side near the upper part of his mouth that won’t go away. I’ve already had it lanced and drained twice and both times it returned. I asked my vet to maybe prescribe a different kind of antibiotic I can administer after the operation but all she...
  6. elentari

    Pimple/Cyst Like Bump Under Rabbit's Eyes.

    So my rabbit has these two little bumps a few centimetres under both her eyes, and I don't know if they're new, or I just somehow never noticed them before and they're natural for rabbits to have. Anyway, they feel relatively similar in size/same placement, they're kind of like semi hard bumps...
  7. L

    14 year old bunny with possible Abscess on front paw

    Hello my name is Laura I have a Male dwarf rabbit that is 14 years old I recently noticed a lump under his paw and took him to a local vet about 2 months ago they took a sample and informed me that it was a lipoma and might cause mobility issues but removal is risky due to his age. The lump has...
  8. Belle rabbit

    Very sore spot on my rabbits neck scared it’s an abscess

    I have pictures of the process of this spot to today’s date scroll to the bottom of all the information for the pictures. So since May 19 I noticed a bit of redness to my bunnys neck/dewlap and looked kinda like a hot spot. I put cream on it and it started to heal. I’ve watched it everyday...
  9. M

    Lump under rabbit’s chin

    So, my rabbit Beau has had ongoing issues with his health. It started with a runny nose and he’s a little underweight (previous owners didn’t take care of him properly) He was on Baytril for a week, with no improvement. I also noticed he was starting to drool a little bit when eating, so my vet...
  10. L

    Spreading lump on rabbit cheek? (Please help!!)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a diagnosis of some sort? Basically 2 months ago my 5 year old Netherland Dwarf developed a sudden red lump on his nose. We thought it could be burn from the radioactive as he likes to be near them or some sort of sore so we put some sudocrem on...
  11. Jenny Durling

    Bicillin and Zythromax for Dental Abcess?!

    I have a bunny with a dental infection/sinus abscess. I red so many posts about this on this forum that I really want to tell my vet I need a Pen-G/Zi\ythromycin combo to knock this thing out. He has no problem with Pen-G and honestly, after removing a tooth, Rocky was on Bicillin every other...
  12. L

    Looking for knowledgeable Boston area vet for abscess...bicillin etc.

    Hi, Butterscotch is about 6 years old...5.5 lbs, not neutered, indoor rabbit. He had an abscess (or a large lump) under his jaw, and his eyes are often teary. Had the abscess opened several months ago by 'regular' vet. Now the abscess is back, and was a little bigger. Noticed eyes weeping...