Looking for knowledgeable Boston area vet for abscess...bicillin etc.

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larry rubin

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Aug 3, 2018
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Butterscotch is about 6 years old...5.5 lbs, not neutered, indoor rabbit. He had an abscess (or a large lump) under his jaw, and his eyes are often teary. Had the abscess opened several months ago by 'regular' vet. Now the abscess is back, and was a little bigger. Noticed eyes weeping before noticing abscess.

I've been putting Ofloxacin drops in eyes. Brought him to MSPCA/Angell. Dr. seemed knowledgeable, although only out of school for a year. He wants to basically chop off the abscess after doing a ct scan. Getting money together would be tough...too many other pet emergencies have left my wallet pretty light.

Read on-line about bicillin/pen-G - it sounded like a better option (and not just because of the cost), although not sure I'd want to do the shots myself. He is not very cooperative when it comes to meds. Wondering if this is still a viable treatment, and does anyone know of a skilled rabbit vet in the Boston area familiar with this option? Hopefully someone from MA is reading...! Thanks in advance.