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    Weird fly?

    Be careful of bot flies. Rabbits can get warbles from the bot fly. My bunny is mostly inside/outside for play.. and on revolution and got one in his face that caused a lot of damage.
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    Rescued rabbit won't eat hay....should I add more pellets?

    Sherwood pellets are good. They are hay based and safer to give in larger amounts. Someone on here suggested those to me and I’ve had good luck with them. I use the ones in the blue And white bag. Amazon is currently sold out so I’ve been ordering from the manufacturer directly. My rabbits...
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    Bunny with dislocated or fractured leg! Help!

    I would definitely restrict bunny’s activity and try to get in for an x-ray as soon as you can. Injuries in bunnies can start to cause digestive problems, pain can even cause them to stop eating completely . Hopefully it something that can be treated with meds and time to heal.
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    Penicillin injections

    I can order from a farm catalog. Vet isn’t really an option right now. I thought ear infection with his house mate and they refused to even check her for it. They treated them for ec even tho both test on both bunnies came back a negative. They told me ear infections are not usually seen. She...
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    Bunny with dislocated or fractured leg! Help!

    Could it be a back injury ? That can effect both legs. I would depend on the severity of the injury and what it is. Is bunny eating and drinking?
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    Penicillin injections

    Hi all does anyone know which penG I should purchase and the dosage and the frequency for a 13 lb rabbit to treat an ear infection. I had a pen G proc (gen) 300000u but as I’m trying to replace it I’m finding they come in different units. Any thoughts?
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    I like revolution too because it kills mites you cannot see that a lot of rabbits have.
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    Best greens to give bunny?

    Just be careful not to confuse dandelion with wild lettuce if you are picking them from outside. Broadleaf plantain that usually grows where dandelions will is good for bunny gi track and mine all love it. I also grow fodder for fresh greens.
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    Bun won't foods he used to like after illness. No water either.

    Critical care is good too but some rabbits can be almost impossible to force feed if they won’t eat it on their own.
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    Bun won't foods he used to like after illness. No water either.

    Sometimes gi stasis can drag on especially if they won’t eat hay. Maybe try hand feeding and wrapping some hay strands in the greens? I got my rabbit started eating that way. I had to basically bother them with it by putting in their face till they ate it. My sick rabbits preferred Timmothy gold...
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    Advise! Bunny ears help!

    I started meds on him because I was afraid of that. Thanks. I’ve never seen this before.
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    Advise! Bunny ears help!

    Hi all, today I noticed my french lop suddenly acting like his ear was very itchy. I looked inside and pulled out a long white sticky gross something?? Is this ear wax ? He is now itching both ears but they are clean.
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    My rabbit died today suddenly.

    Sorry for your loss. Was bunny on any hay or just grain? Rabbits instinctively hide illness so sometimes you don’t know they are sick till it’s to late. Bunnies that don’t eat hay could be susceptible to bloat.
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    hi, of my 6 rabbits my 3 males seem to be molting constantly. Seems as soon as the coat is fully replaced it sheds out completely again. We had illness months ago that still remains uncertain after much vet care. Currently everyone is doing well I’m just wondering if I should be concerned about...
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    Bonded bunny fight

    Hi all, I had to separate 2 of my rabbits that have been bonded. They will be a year old on Halloween. They have been together since birth. They are male and female pair of siblings. Both have been fixed since 3 or 4 months of age. Never had any issues then suddenly Waylon ( male) is chasing...