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    How do I know when he's done choking?

    I'm so sorry. You did your best to help him.
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    Weird behaviour

    Artie will thump when sun beams return and spread across the floor and after vacuuming (haha I don't vacuum a lot).
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    Goodbye Buddy

    He's adorable and such a personality. So sorry. He had a happy, loving home and a good life.
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    Willow went over the rainbow

    I'm so sorry.
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    Why did my bunny pass away? :(

    Sorry for you loss. I agree with your mom, too. You gave him a happy, loving last few days.
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    Jumping on my bed?

    Artie used to pee and poo on our bed in the middle of the night. Felt like being terrorized by a little bunny! Neutering stopped the peeing/pooing, although it took about 4 months after the procedure for him to stop all together. In the meantime we "caged" ourselves in with laundry baskets and...
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    Willow went over the rainbow

    I's so sorry to hear of your loss.
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    Sudden death

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.
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    Goodbye my Banunu

    So sorry about your loss. You gave him the very best of care and a happy life.
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    Snowball passed away 9/11/20.

    I'm sorry for your lose.
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    Free Roaming Experiences

    Great. That will stop the territorial pooing and peeing, although it may take a few months. With Artie it took 3-4 months to completely stop. Definitely worth it!
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    Free Roaming Experiences

    Sorry, I'm late to the discussion. Are they neutered/spayed?
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    Get to know each other game!

    True. Artie was my son's girlfriend's bunny. We "bunny sat" him a few times. When the girlfriend decided she was too busy to look after Artie, she asked is we wanted him. We have enjoyed Artie so much. Such a perfect pet! The person below me lives where it snows.
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    When is your bunnies' "year with us" anniversary?

    We got Artie April 2019 when he was about 7- 8 months so he's been with us 1 year & 2 months.
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    Favorite Activity To Do With Your Bun

    Artie likes to play "try to catch me" where he runs around my legs, zigzagging quickly around, then suddenly stops beside me. If I try to pet him, he's off again. Finally he gets tired and I sit and pet him. We'll also just lie on the floor for him to come and explore, pushing us with his little...