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    canada based rabbit/small pet shops?

    For CDN$48, that's probably the best price you'll find if you can get the free shipping. I've never ordered from True Colours. (That's a new one for me, thanks!) This is copied from my receipt in 2012, and I didn't mention it before (and didn't notice sorry) that it was USD. MAZE HAVEN...
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    Best Brushes For Rexes?

    We've purchased the "Furminator" and a dozen other brushes. (Would avoid the Furminator on a rex in particular.) Our buns hated them, and it didn't seem to work as well as we were expecting. Lessons learned. Best combo that works for us is a dollar store brush, slightly damp hands, and plunking.
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    are these prices worth it? (tokihut, maze havens, wood hideys)

    A lot of this will depend on you and your bunnies' situation and preferences. We spent so much money on toys and much of it ignored. Are you buying them as a hidey space? Something to chew on? Something to destroy? Are you comfortable with cardboard debris? Do you want something that you would...
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    canada based rabbit/small pet shops?

    Very difficult to find things in Canada. Online Canadian bunny retailers I was looking at yesterday: HopOnline appears to sell the maze haven and is Alberta based. I've purchased many times previously from FlowerTown Chinchilla without issue...
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    Amherst Veterinary Hospital Scarborough Ontario

    Oops sorry I just realized this is an old thread.
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    Amherst Veterinary Hospital Scarborough Ontario

    I'm so sorry to hear that. Because vets change clinic, it may be helpful to know the vets name. What was the name of the vet?
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    Eight is Enough!

    Quasi-semi-regular lurker, rare commenter. I'm sorry to hear about Zeus. He was a very handsome fellow. Binky-free On a happier note, I love your bunnies and your blog!
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    Identical buns - telling them apart?

    :bunnyheart:bunnyheart:bunnyheart:bunnyheart They're adorable!
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    Rabbit never binkies

    Could Fluffy be doing "secret" binkies? One of my rabbits binkies only in "secret". The humans can't know watch, or can only do so hidden away (think behind a curtain or a door). But, we know this because she does it fairly consistently, twice a day (early morning, and then again late...
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    Happy birthday, Dobby and Kreacher. They grow so quickly! They are growing to be such fine-looking fellas. Happy birthday again and wishing you many more binky-ful years.
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    Behavior after neuter...

    I think it's likely due to being cooped up for two weeks. Cookie may be upset at some of the changes (big and small) during the time he was cooped up. ("How dare you change things without my approval and supervision?") He needs to adjust all over again to his home. The hormones may have...
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    Bunny Garden Question

    MagPie wrote: I simply dump the poop on top of the soil. I'm sure it's fine either way. So, if you want to hide under the soil for your fish tank, it should be alright. =)
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    Well someone has turned into quite the begger!

    That is such a good picture!
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    Scheduled her spay!

    Good luck today with the spay!
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    •°o.O The Tater Tots Family 2012 O.o°•

    I tried posting on your blog, but I'm not sure if it worked. A summary of what I typed: Baloo has a beautiful coat; Houdina has a great name story; Twizzler is a cutie; and Puck is adorable on the home page. Also like the picture of Puck keeping an eye out for the camera. I would love to see...