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    Shy New Baby Rabbit

    Awww, so cute, so shy. I saw the last picture of her coming out of hiding to look at you, soo cute, looks like he wants to come closer, but is still scared. Sooner or later he will get over his fear. Poor shy baby.
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    Any tips of movies you can watch?

    It is actually a series, made for cable TV, you can stream it on lionsgate. It's called "Boss" starring Kelsey Grammar, as a corrupt mayor of Chicago who just gets diagnosed as having Lewy Body Dementia, a degenerative neurological disease, that is progressive and causes increasing body...
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    Sorry for all these post very timid rabbit

    Oh. so how many rabbits total do you have? Two? Or three?
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    Rabbit stomping his feet

    Wow, 9 or 10 is an old Grandpa rabbit, I wonder if he can still "get it up" at that age, haha.
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    Remy doesn't like carrots, any suggestions for veggies he might like?

    My rabbit Henri loves fresh Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, and Dandilion (I spelled that wrong) Dandy-lion greens. Also different types of Oregano. Oh, yes, and fresh Mint. I sometimes weave a few strands of mint into his hay to kind of flavor it.
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    Please advice! Rabbit started peeing on bed

    Aww, that's too bad. thought it might work. The post I read has a pic of a nice looking young guy w/brown hair and a big brown bunny on his shoulders. I think it is one of the House Rabbit blogs.
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    What are my rabbits doing??

    That rabbit looks like Jasmine.
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    What are my rabbits doing??

    The picture of that rabbit in the avatar looks very familiar, andif she is the rabbit I think she is, she has already had several litters. I wondered what had happened to her, actually. Wierd.
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    Please advice! Rabbit started peeing on bed

    I read a story like that online, except that this bunny started peeing on the couch. He did it twice. The second time, he was caught in the act, which was good. The bunny owner told him "no!", picked him up, and locked him in his cage while he got cleaning stuff and paper towels, and cleaned up...