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    Housing rabbits together

    Hi! If I were to have two female rabbits from the same litter live together would that be fine? I heard it was only males that fight but I'm not sure if I would potentially have to spay them. Thanks!
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    Caring for a rabbit after neuter

    Hi! So this morning my rabbit, Charlie was neutered. The vet just said to make sure he's eating and talked about making sure he doesn't chew/lick the stitches. I looked at his stomach but I don't see the stitches. Where is that located? Is there anything special I should know? So far he's...
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    Raspy breathing

    As long as I can remember and I've had him his whole life. He would breathe weird when I held him on his back and so when I first got him I brought him to the vet right away to make sure he didn't have a respiratory problem and the vet said he does it because he's excited. Well now I've just...
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    Raspy breathing

    :). :)
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    Raspy breathing

    also, when he breathes is sounds like he has a stuffy nose
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    Raspy breathing

    Is pneumonia the only thing it can be? he does it for a bit but stops for awhile and he's acting completely normal other then that. Like I said, he's always breathed like this when I picked him up, he's just doing it more now. :( Our vet is almost a 2 hour drive so I just want to make sure this...
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    Raspy breathing

    I've just noticed my 2 year old holland lop is breathing really weird. It's kind of raspy/wheezy and he moves his head when he makes the noise. When I move him he stops for a little while and he stops every once in a while but it's pretty constant, other then the breathing he is perfectly normal...
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    Help rabbits teeth

    If the teeth do not line up correctly, incisors quickly overgrow and can become unmanageable "tusks" which either snaggle up out of the mouth or curl back into the mouth, making eating nearly impossible. Although some veterinarians will be willing to regularly trim the teeth, this is stressful...
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    Yes :)
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    I would suggest alfalfa based until she's full grown, around 6 months old.
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    Can I show my lionhead

    There isn't a certain age. They just have to be atleast 1 pound 10 oz.
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    Can I show my lionhead

    You can show him if he is one of the showable colors, Ruby Eyed White or Tortoise. Also, he can't be neutered. What makes a Lionhead showable: At maturity, a Lionhead rabbit should weigh no more than 3 pounds, 12 ounces, and its ears should not be longer than 3 1/2". To be shown, a young...
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    So tell me about them French Angoras...

    I found this info online: Angora rabbits are relatively easy to care for. They don’t require vaccinations, and it doesn’t cost much to feed them. Keeping them well groomed is the biggest chore in order to maintain a coat of fur that is matt-free and clean. I wouldn’t recommend adopting an Angora...
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    Swollen belly True bloat is a distressful and dangerous condition in rabbits. It should not be confused with stasis or ileus – a condition that takes a few days to develop and is characterized by reduced motility of the intestine, or the...