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    (RIP) My bunny is maybe dying :(

    oh i am soo sorry about your loss:sosad
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    can hamsters have hay

    this may be wrong but when we buy shavings andhay it says like what animals can have and it says hamsters shouldn'thave hay so i don't give mine hay:?
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    they monkeys are so cute!
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    My dogs

    aww they are gorgeous ! :D
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    doggie halloween costumes

    aww that dog is so cute!:D
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    Rabbit V's Cat

    scardy cat lol!:D
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    new baby picture thread

    aww he is so cute !:D
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    1 of my guinea pigs died!

    We had 6 guinea pigs and now we are down to 5 iwas away on holiday and my friend nextdoor was looking after my rabbitsand guinea pigs but when we came we noticed jamima was gone(1 of ourguinea pigs)we went next door to see where she was and she was in myfriends house they gave us a sheet which...
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    DAISY my cute rabbit!

    she looks alot like my rabbit charlotte and she is a dwarf rabbit.:D
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    Rabbit of the week!!!

    hi, in my mums forum of guinea pigs she has aguineapig of the week where you enter your pet any the people on theforum have to vote i was wondering if anyone would like to start it buti don't know who tell or anythingit was just a suggestion!!!;)
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    hi ya

    my rabbits name is charlotte and she is a dwarf rabbit i do have nice pics but i do not know how to put them on.
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    whats wrong with her

    it was just pee he said.
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    NEW BUNNY!!!

    i got a new bunny she is called flopsy because she has floppy ears we got her off my step brother as he took an allergay to it . The only thing is she isa bit evil when you go anywhere near her she charges at you and makes a growling noise i have brouses up my arms where she bit me .We had to...
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    whats wrong with her

    i have been she was fine just a bit dirty lol i gave her a bath and she is nice and clean lol
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    thank you soo much:Dmaybe i will get lucky lol!!!