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    Constant cecotropes everywhere.

    Are the cecotropes normally formed? What is their current diet? Many times it comes from a diet too rich in protein (see . If they are on alfalfa pellets, you may want to consider switching to timothy based pellets and more hay (except alfalfa) and...
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    Housing rabbits together

    I agree, females that have always been together from birth can sometimes be housed together, but not without great risk of fights; ultimately you likely would end up separating them until both were spayed and then trying to bond them. A while back, I did have two intact females who could have...
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    RIP Pipp

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear of your loss-thoughts and prayers for you during this difficult time. I know she'll be very missed~binky free, Pipp! :rainbow:
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    Adjusting bunny to kitten

    We just got a 7wk old kitten-I felt it would be a good idea to get her used to Ripley on early on. Kitty had already had a checkup at the vet and had no fleas etc, so that wasn't a concern. Normally Ripley is good with other bunnies, so I figured he would do fine. I brought the kitten into...
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    Goodbye my Giant Girl

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss! She looks like she was such a sweetie and will surely be very missed. Binky free!
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    Sudden Bunny Passing

    I'm am so sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a bunny is never easy, and its all the harder when you have no warning. Binky free, lil bun :rainbow:
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    Scabs in Bunny's Ears

    It could be mites, but also could be an infection. Either one could cause scratching/irritation and would be best if checked out. Also, rabbits, especially lops, can get wax buildup in their ears (some of which they can naturally get out by scratching). Sometimes they end up needing a ear...
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    Bringing an outdoor bunny inside for good...?

    I too brought my buns permanently inside after losing one. They've been in for almost 2 yrs now and I'm so glad we went ahead and did it-can't imagine having them outside again. Looks like your little man is very happy (and super cute :)
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    Pasteurella Vaccine

    I'm curious about the same thing. Having had a bunny with this who couldn't seem to shake it, I'd love to prevent it in my other buns. Has anyone seen any articles talking about it?
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    Possible Thymoma

    Today my 8 yr old Mini Rex Taffy was diagnosed with what we think is Thymoma. I've seen a lot in bunnies, but never have had one with this. I've done a lot of reading and spoke with the vet some. He's recommending Metacam for her right now, to see if that helps. Over the last 1-2 months...
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    In memory of Scarlett. Saying goodbye tomorrow

    I'm so sorry to hear-looks like she was such a sweetie. Please try not to blame yourself, just remember that you gave her a good life and she knew how much you loved her. Hindsight is 20 20, but even then, sometimes its easy to think we could have prevented things that really still may have...
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    Diarrhea in bun

    I agree with JBun- be sure to get him to a rabbit savvy vet right away if he is having liquid diarrhea. Also, if that is the case, it would be a good idea to get a fecal sample from him and take that along to the vet. They likely will want to test it for intestinal parasites which can be a...
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    Unusual bald spots under my rabbit's chin!!??!

    My rabbit has struggled with this some as well. However for Ripley, they area is only directly on the bottom of his jaw/chin. The vet told me this was due to scent glands under the chin and nothing to be concerned about. I also think it can be due to excessive chinning. Sometimes over...
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    pellets for 4-year-old rabbit

    I agree wit majorv- adding some rolled oats wouldn't be a bad idea. As far as switching back to Oxbow bunny basics for your rabbits, it may help but some of the other added minerals/vitamins could be bad. I would first discuss this with your vet before switching and see what they recommend for...
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    Giant Flemish not eating :( - RIP

    Oh no! So sorry to hear, Binky Free sweet Harvey! :rainbow: