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    What color?

    They look like broken sable points from the head shots. Ive saw babies this iky broken brown grey color and once their 6 weeks they are odviously broken sable points. Their fur is changing so much right now I would just wait another week or two before deciding.
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    Baby Dutchies!

    That is exactly what Neena's yellow looks like!
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    New Vlop pair!!

    My one and only English Lop I ever had had problems. She was constantly tripping and falling over. I thought maybe it was just because of her purportions but then I went out after 2-3 months and she couldn't stand. She lost control of her hind-end.
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    Humping, Grunting, and Falling over??

    I had a female that would do that, and she was for sure a female. I have had girls that humped besides her, most do, but I have never had another doe that actually went through the grunting and falling off motion.
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    Color breeding question

    It depends on what is carried. You could get chocolate, blue, tort, ect. Unless they do not have any genes that match up all black is not all to be expected. Parents' colors?
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    doe building nest outside of her nestbox!

    I have two three week old litters that were raised in solid bottom hucthes. One I put up peices of wood for a small contained area, the other one had nothing. I only lost one baby and it had nothing to do with the nesting arangements. I perfer that the does use the solid bottom hutches without...
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    What ya think of my new lionhead?

    I agree with Peg. He is cute though :) I have got some pretty nice Mini Rex around here for $10. You just have to know what to look for. Some breeders just have connections, wish I did. LOL.
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    Baby Dutchies!

    Foster Skye-brat's babies.
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    Baby Dutchies!

    :D Gotta love the babies! Now that I think about it I have two litters due in a week. hmm.
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    orange vs tort otter

    sheandg wrote: It depends on if they both carry shaded. If so, then yes. But the thing is from the breeding of your buck and doe it is not possible for you to get self, agouti and otter in the same litter with a parent being self. Let me explain: Tort: aaB-C-D-ee Orange: A-B-C-Dee Tort...
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    Genetic Impossibility?

    pamnock wrote: I ment that as "grey carrying shaded" which could produce yellow when bred to shaded. I know black to tort can not give yellow, but I also know that Neena was in the house with NO indoor bucks over 3 weeks old when I bred her. When I took her out and bred her she went in...
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    lop ears

    If only one parent has lopped ears it is highly unlikely they will lop. That being said my first Lionlop babies had ALL lopped ears, mom was F1 SM lionhead(unknown breeds behind) with shortish up ears and the dad was a a big holland lop with mini lop type - huge wonderful crown, amazing ears and...
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    french lop coat question

    I have not bred frenchies but I have a friend who has bred them for the whole time I have known her. She could usually tell the was fuzzy by 4-5 weeks, and I could see it in pictures, and the fuzzy ones she always sold. DQ I believe. Something genetic that is in many, maybe all, frenchie lines...
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    Genetic Impossibility?

    They are dutch, which is why I used the term yellow. Anyway, before Steffi died I rebred Neena for final breeding before my coming tort buck kit was ready. Steffi died and she had to raise babies longer than I wanted and blah blah. I wanted to breed her to Beethoven who I loved. I had the date...
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    orange vs tort otter

    I still say tort otter. The solid is for sure a tort otter so that means the broken has to be seeing as one parent is *solid* shaded.