When is your bunnies' "year with us" anniversary?

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Oct 12, 2019
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I had Musti just until recently and today, 8th of june would've been the day that he's spent a year with us. He's still here, below the ground, but yes. Today would've been his one-year-mark living with us. Our new lop's "year with us" day will be on 6th of june next year(if he makes it that far)

I am just curious, when would've been (or will be) your bunnies' "x years with us" mark?

Musti's mark on 08.06


Väike poiss' mark on 06.06

Awwww she's soo flipping cute! She looks a bit like Musti! What is she like?
I bought Odin 26 august 2017 when he was 8 weeks old, so it will be three years with him. AD702225-E7ED-45A7-8742-11063A9C9E6E.jpeg

I took over my bunny Lilja 6 may 2018, which would of been 2 years. I didn’t have to pay for her. I could of pick her up earlier but she had winter fur and I had to wait until she started to get summer fur, so she could move indoors.

I bought Toste for a symbolized sum of money, so he moved to me the 8 of October 2018.


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She's very skittish. Once you get to know her she is a cuddle mnster and loves to circle you. She only grooms people she knows well.
Oreo is also able to pick up tricks quickly and by quickly I mean 2--3 sessions of training quick.
Anynody else care to share?
Hey that's really nice! Makes me glad to know that somebody else shares the same adoption day i had. Can you share a pic of Chamomile?
I can't recall anymore with most of mine. My remaining rabbit, Mocha, we got from a rescue in Sept of 2012. They weren't sure his age but guessed at least a year old. So come September, he'll have been with us for 8 years.
That's quite long!
Have You just forgotten because there hsve been so many bunnies?
That is a long time indeed
Anybody else wanting to share?
Willa will have lived with me for three years at the end of March (the 30th) and Foxwell's first year with me is on November 9th. I accidentally switched Willa and my birthdates on the forms at the veterinary office at her first check-up, so every year on my birthday the clinic wishes Willa a happy birthday and that extra treats are a must, which makes my day! (And yes, she does get extra treats for her "second birthday!") :)

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